Easy Jet Flight

Easy Jet flight

Route London Heathrow—-Dublin Airport 🎄

Server: Training Live ATC 🎄

Flight time: 1 Hour 🎄

Some strong wind Down in Dublin


The first screenshot is amazing !!!

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Thank you so much for your appreciation 🎄❤️

interesting easyJet shots.

However users names shouldn’t be shown I guess… (first pic)

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Thank you yes sorry I did not noticed that

Nice shots but why Heathrow? Gatwick is only 30 mile away and is the biggest EZY hub? Saying that, I am a realism freak


Same! That is kinda bothering be too! But the shots are good!

I know I am aware

But it was just a short flight so I decided to choose this airport

Thank you

Nice shots! However I would fix that first screenshot or else your topic can get taken down.