Easy Jet B757-200

as displayed here in this topic Yes An Easyjet 757 exists yes it is true. So why don’t we have it in the game. It would be a cool and funny livery to have. It might not be around anymore but it was sure a sight to see.
It was taken out of service by easy jet in I think 2014 and right now the 757 is flying for titan airways. It was only used in the summer but every AV Geek loved it

Maybe a photo will help?

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was working on that. But now it is up

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Did that. Thanks for letting me know

I would love to see this and add more diversity to the 757 liveries! 😊

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they retired all of their B757s in 2010/2014 so i dont think its worth it :/


Can we get 3 votes?

Yes, of course! 😉

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