Easy flight

Morning or evening all, (Hi @Qantas094!)
Did a flight today which was enjoyable because I had ATC. So I did EGCC was meant to go to Zürich but in the end had to divert to EDNY. Hope you enjoy the pictures

Server: Expert
Time: 2hrs 30 plus because of diversion.

Departing from runway 23L at Manchester enjoying the available ATC.

I thought this was a nice and simple picture. Pick the best.

Close up of the A320 landing at runway 24 at EDNY

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Thanks! ☺️


Cool pictures!

What was the reason for the divert? (Just being curious)

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Nice pictures, especially the first one! May I ask why you had to divert?

For fun… Just pretend and have some imagination 😊


Ah, I see. Odd place to go to too (even though it’s a really beautiful area)!

A bit like my “ferry” flights ;)


Yeah I know. Better to explore new areas.

Thanks anyways 😎

Always great to go somewhere new, equally if that’s the most realistic alternate or not. All about imagination as you wrote!

Exactly! Nowhere does it say in Expert to be 1000… % realistic. So why not do different stuff.

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G’day @Ondrej, nice shots as well mate.

Exactly the case!

G’night thanks for the comment.


Nice shots ! I would love to do the same one day ! Keep going.
But I’ll do it with this livery tho, I hope to be able to do that soon ! New easyJet Airbus A320-214 Livery .

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Voted a while ago for that. Thanks also.

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Nice photos love the last one!

That first one is really cool! I like how the A320 is rotating while the FedEx MD-11 is lining up

Thanks you two 👍