Eastern and Central Europe tour!

Welcome to the event!

I would like to thank everyone who has decided to sign up for this event! Here is the event summary:

Event Summary and description

Welcome to the Eastern Europe! In this region we love the soviet buildings that are standing for not less than 30 years!

(Thanks to @Artemiypilot for the photo)
Mmmmmmmm… love it or hate it, you see it everyday when you’re in the Eastern Europe.
Let’s get going to the event! Here is the map for this event:
We will go through 12 countries! We will not be going to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine for understandable reasons, and even if we did, I’m pretty sure my local police office would take me to jail because of that (joking).
Starting from Estonia, our goal is Athens!
We are starting off in the Baltics, my home region!


Here are the routes we are going to be travelling togheter!

All of the routes

1st leg: Tallinn - Riga; AirBaltic A220 Special livery (Estonia flag) February 13th 1:00PM Eastern Europe time
2nd leg: Riga - Vilnius; AirBaltic A220 February 13th 6:00PM Eastern Europe time
Notice: as the next leg day is Valentine’s day, it is probably going to be moved, because I may be out in the city with my girlfriend and will not leave a flight as it is going to overfly the airport.
3rd leg: Vilnius - Warsaw; LOT E175 February 14th 2:00PM Eastern Europe time.
4th leg: Warsaw - Prague; LOT E175 February 14th 7:00PM Eastern Europe time.
5th leg: Prague - Vienna; Austrian A321 February 15th 12:00PM Eastern Europe time.
6th leg: Vienna - Bratislava; Austrian E195 (generic livery) February 15th 4:00PM Eastern Europe time.
7th leg: Bratislava - Budapest (this flight doesn’t exist in real life so let’s just make it in Infinite Flight); WizzAir A320 February 16th 4:00PM Eastern Europe time.
8th leg: Budapest - Bucharest; TAROM Dash-8 Q400 (generic livery) February 16th 6:00PM Eastern Europe time.
9th leg: Bucharest - Chisinau; TAROM Dash-8 Q400 (generic livery) February 17th 12:00PM Eastern Europe time.
10th leg: Chisinau - Bucharest; TAROM Dash-8 Q400 (generic livery) February 17th 3:00PM Eastern Europe time.
11th leg: Bucharest - Sofia; TAROM Dash-8 Q400 (generic livery) February 17th 6:00PM Eastern Europe time.
12th leg: Sofia - Athens; Aegean A320 February 18th 1:00PM Eastern Europe time.


  • I am not responsible for any violations you receive.
  • Please listen to IFATC Controllers as they have a hard time doing their job.
  • All of the registered people are going to have to join a discord server to maintain the best experience possible.
  • If you are not able to get these flights done in your time, but you still want to count in? No problem! Message me on private and sign up for the event!
  • Impersonating me or any event attenders will result in a blacklist from all of my events
  • More NOTAM’s on the Discord server!

Let’s bring the Eastern Europe back again!

Please correct me for any grammar mistakes


I might join this one! Very intresting!

Interesting event!There has not been so many events in eastern Europe before.I’m joining this event!

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Hey there!
I’ve decided that you can also attend the event on Training Server! If you don’t have Grade 3, you can attend it on Training. Not on Casual tho.

Was changed. The time now is 7:00PM Eastern Europe time due to my dentist appointment!!!

BUMP! Let’s get more sign up’s!

BUMP! Y’all have 2 days until the registration is closed and then I will create a discord server!

BUMP! Last day to sign up!

I’m training server, I understand that I can join this tour, right?

Yes, you can still join!

20 minutes until the event starts! You can still reply quickly and make it to the event!

Leg 7 postponed to a later date due to personal problems!

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