Eastern Airways

Hello team IF, I’ve been contemplating starting a new VA and was looking particularly at Eastern Airways and was wondering if you could add some Livery’s for Eastern Airways to the Bombarider Dash 8 Q400.

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Hey! Cool idea! It think a photo would be nice as people would be able to see the livery, that will also improve the chances of people voting!

Remember to vote for your own request ;)

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Eastern Airlines didn’t have any of those planes but ok

Also, you can only do one topic per feature request :)

I’ve looked on google and done my research and they have all three of those aircraft, and this is my first topic requesting the Eastern Airways livery?

Unfourtanetly, you can only do one aircraft per feature request so if you want all of them you would need to create several different threads

Thanks just voted for myself and am trying to get a mock livery made up on the bombardier dash 8 😁

Whoopsie doopsie Jason, it looks like you’ve both requested a fictional livery (can’t find a photo of any of these planes in eastern livery and on wiki) and you’ve also requested 3 planes, which is 3 times the allowed amount in #features which is 1
Also, I’d suggest you clarify which eastern airlines you’re talking about next time, there’s like 3 of them

Ahh got you I’ll remove the other two from the list thank you.


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Are you requesting the Eastern Air Lines livery, the American airline that died in 1991?

this one?

That’s the one I just checked and it’s not a dash 8 😂😂 it’s the ATR-72600 isn’t it or the SAAB 2000 and I think they are on IF are they

No I got it wrong it was Eastern Airways Saab 2000 or ATR 72-609 I’ll create a new thread lol