Eastern Airlines Reveals New Livery

Eastern Airlines, which recently relaunched after being rebranded from Dynamic Airways, has unveiled its new livery on its Boineg 767-200 aircraft.

This livery follows its updated logo:


The new livery:


Per JetTip, this image above gets the overall aircraft, but the lighting and quality is bad. However, we should be seeing better images sometime soon.

This 767-200 is registered as “N602KW”. In comparison, this is the old “Eastern Airlines” livery previously found on the same 767-200, which was leased from SwiftAir. (Thanks @anon79257371)

Apparently there’s supposed to be variations of their livery based on cities that they fly to, but this is unconfirmed


They even have a Boeing 787 concept ready.


Image Credits:

Eastern: https://twitter.com/JetTipNet/status/1251338778926555139
787: https://thedesignair.net/2020/01/07/eastern-airlines-hits-a-home-run-with-fantastic-braniff-esque-brand-image/
Eastern old livery: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9567881

Before COVID-19 struck, Eastern Airlines was operating passenger flights from New York JFK to both Georgetown and Guayaquil.

What are your thoughts on Eastern Airlines’ new livery?


That’s gonna be a “no” for me


The font is modern, and the color choices are nice! I actually quite like it!

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Very pretty

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Even though the original Eastern went bankrupt (I think), I still like that classic livery better than this one.

Overall, no, I don’t like the new livery,


Just tried to Lightroom the bad image… kind of improved the quality, I guess?

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Very dull…

It’s good but some needed improvements!

  • Expected more colors on the tail!

  • And instead of the white colors they should have put in a little bit more colors, and a little bit of white on the fuselage

Could use a lot more colour around the aircraft, which is some wasted potential, but otherwise, I kinda like it.

I kinda sense a tropical theme from this livery, it does need some improvement though I think it will happen like the new United livery.

Looks modern but bland - they should’ve used inspiration from the old livery to extend the tail colours down to the fuselage. This aircraft was originally owned by Qantas for many years :)

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Apparently there’s supposed to be variations of their livery based on cities that they fly to.


They even have a 787 concept ready.



Extra pretty that 787 concept is really nice

I like it! But that “current” livery is just a plane leased from Swift Air. Their actual livery used to look like this:



So I guess they really aren’t trying to pull on people’s heart strings and remind them of the good old days? Ngl thought that was kinda the busines model, or wait, was that the first failed attempt at an eastern revival? 🤔

I’m getting confused 😂


Now that B787 livery should be there current livery! ngl

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This is way better than all those generic meaningless swoosh pattern things they have now. Just put the old logo on a white or blue tail and done!

I don’t know, just for some reason for me, modern liveries don’t seem to go well with 767’s. Is it just me? I don’t know.

Personally I hate the font, but the rhyme scheme is ok. Definitely not the best though.

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Agreed. It’s why I fear the new United livery on the 767. Scares me. Honestly, I kinda wish they could go back to its peak and keep that livery.
Although, as much as I dislike this livery, I do like the idea of different themed livery’s for different destinations.

That 787 concept looks amazing…