Eastern Airlines Boeing 777-200ER

Eastern Airlines Boeing 777-200ER -

About Eastern Airlines:

Eastern Airlines is the new name of Dynamic International Airways after exiting bankruptcy in 2018. The airline currently has a fleet of four Boeing 767-200ERs and four Boeing 767-300ERs but will now add the 777-200ER. This airline is based in New York JFK Airport with the goal of targeting unserved routes.

About This Aircraft:

Eastern Airlines is the newest operator of the Boeing 777. The airline recently acquired a used 777-200ER to expand its network. This aircraft, registered as N771KW, has a rich history with other airlines, such as Singapore Airlines and Flynas. This aircraft was bought in the middle of a crisis on May 29, 2020, which portrays the strength and versatility of the Boeing 777.

N771KW just rolled out of the paintshop in Victorville, California, wearing Eastern Airlines’ new livery.

Where Can You Fly Eastern’s 777-200ER?

At the time of this post, Eastern Airlines has no scheduled routes on the Boeing 777-200ER. However, Eastern Airlines’ model is both charter and passenger, meaning this 777 could be used to fly anywhere. Or, if the aircraft begins service soon, it may fly on these current scheduled/repatriation flights:

Origin Destination Status Distance
New York JFK Guayaquil Scheduled 2,970 mi
New York JFK Georgetown (GEO) Scheduled 2,539 mi
New York JFK San Diego Future 2,446 mi
New York JFK San José del Cabo Future 2,408 mi
Miami Lima Repatriation 2,608 mi
Miami Buenos Aires Repatriation 4,406 mi
Miami Georgetown Repatriation 1,969 mi
Miami Port-au-Prince Repatriation 713 mi
New York JFK Port-au-Prince Repatriation 1,522 m

Why Do We Need This Aircraft?

Personally, the new Eastern Airlines livery looks solid on the 777-200ER. I don’t believe there’s any airlines that have multi-colored engines on their 777s. With the 777-200ER rework freshly released and assuming there’s a possibility that more liveries will be added, I’m hoping to see this aircraft in the Infinite Flight skies.

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What are your thoughts on the world’s newest Boeing 777 operator?

I quite like the livery, although it could use some nmore colour on the fuselage. I sadly don’t have any votes but I support this 🙂

IF needs to add this and pull up with the drip.

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OMG the color on the tail and engines of that BEAST is just beautiful

Love the livery !
Didn’t know about Eastern Airlines but the toutes they will fly seem quite interesting

This airline has their corporate office not far from where I live, so I’d love to see them represented in IF!

They’ve got an interesting gameplan of serving what they deem to be under-served markets in Central/South America and the Caribbean from big markets in the US, so it’ll be interesting to see if they can succeed with that.

Just wanted to bump this up, as today Eastern announced a new cargo division set to begin operations during Q1 or Q2 of 2022 using 777 P2F conversions, most likely without a large cargo door, making it one of the few dedicated B772(ER) freighters out there.

Eastern Air Cargo

Plus, the more niche airlines in Infinite Flight, the better.

I’m overjoyed that this classic made a return. I love their new look!

I agree that they should add Eastern… they have some of the oldie but goodies like Pan Am and TWA. Why not add Eastern. Especially their old livery. I would love it!!

Wish I had more votes. This is a cool 777

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I was seriously going to look up and see if someone made this topic yet and this just got bumped lol

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Finally have a vote for this livery!

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Having this along with the Omni 777 would be fun to do military events with! The possible destinations with the Eastern 777 could be anywhere

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