Eastern Airlines B757-200

Maybe they got Boeing to lower their 757 prices in exchange of promoting the aircraft, that’s how the 757 logo would have remained.

I was referring about the 757 logo.

That’s what I’m saying.
But there’s no ‘remaining’ of a logo, since it’s not painted on the tail by default.

Eastern’s 757s most likely had the 757 on the tails because they were the launch customer of the new plane

Most logic answer too.

Well, its just like ANA and their 787 livery. Its merely promotion for the plane/ proud that they fly it.

I’ve actually done further research, Eastern Airlines was the launch customer of the 757, similar to that of ANA of the 787. So that explains everything.


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ANA has paid far less for the aircraft because of all the problems and VERY late delivery of the aircraft.
There’s a documentary about the 787 in which there is talk about special compensation.
Boeing might have even cut the price in half!!

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This is a wonderful skin and bone livery

Eastern airlines was the 757 launch customer so that’s why the 757 is on the tail

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It would look amazing in Eastern’s new livery.

yes yes yes!

Feed me Eastern Airlines goodness :)

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We need the classic Eastern Airlines name.

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