Eastern Airlines B757-200

Before desolving, Eastern Airlines flew 25 Boeing 757-200, having the logo of Eastern Airlines applied, and with Boeing’s 757 number on its tail.

Service Entry and Operations, Wikipedia.


…no, I don’t like the older silver liveries


They were unpainted aluminium.

Just the color in general I don’t think it looks great.


I’m not a fan.

I am. Bare metal aircraft are always good looking.


I disagree. Raw teal just doesn’t work for me. Look at Jet2’s grey. Now that is a splendid livery.


I gotta be honest this is a really bad livery…

Yes jet2 have a really good one

Why would they have “757” on the tail instead of their own logo?
Did they have some sort of deal with Boeing?

Money saving. The 757s were added 8 years before their bankrupcy.

Money saving? How is that?

Its a possibility. They may have liked the 757 logo on the tail and decided to keep it though.

It’s not like the aircraft role out of the factory with “757” on their tail! LOL! :)


It must have rolled out like that from the factory. How would they add the exact Boeing-made 757 logo after that.

Nope. Just look at the factory pictures.
The tail is often the only part painted in the customer’s colors. It would be a total waste to paint the aircraft model on every tail first and then change it to the customer’s livery.

Maybe that’s why they went into bankruptcy? Painted their tails continuously lol!

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Maybe Eastern asked for the aircraft to be painted only in the tail.

It must have been some sort of deal.
“757” doesn’t get there by itself.
Painting that on the tail would cost about the same as any other livery.
This is probably a way of promoting the 757 and being sort of sponsored by Boeing.

What do you mean? Isn’t the Eastern logo painted on the fuselage?