Eastern Airlines Announces Transatlantic Flights From Chicago

Eastern Airlines Announces Transatlantic Flights From Chicago To… Sarajevo?

Eastern Airlines, the (re) startup airline based I bathe USA and Caribbean that started flights a few years back is now heading to Europe! Just last night, the airline announced it would be starting transatlantic services on their 767-200ER from Chicago, Illinois to Sarajevo, Bosnia. The flight will be operated on a once weekly basis seasonally with the flight times as follows:

  • 2D972 ORD 🛫 7:05 PM arrive SJJ 🛬 11:05 AM (Fridays)

  • 2D973 SJJ 🛫 8:00 AM arrive ORD 🛬 12:00 PM (Sundays)

Chicago and Sarajevo are 2 new destinations for eastern air so I’m genuinely curious what their route planning strategy here is. I guess we will see if these flights pay off starting May 28, 2021.


Wow, a very interesting route from my home city of Chicago! Interesting to see whether this will have demand though, or even turn a profit?

From my vantage point, it doesn’t look like there is sufficient demand from ORD to Sarajevo, but I could be wrong.

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Wait what? That’s a first. Starting with Eastern Europe. I don’t think there’s gonna be a lot of demand so they should be using the 767 on the route.

I won’t complain

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Cant complain either but certainly unique?!

I ain’t complaining, new airline and destination for us!

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SJJ airport is tiny compared to others (only 2 gates), strange to think they are operating a transatlantic, to Chicago of all things. Very interested to see how this plays out.

Excited to see this bird at ORD.

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Wait this is the rare 767-200ER! Glad to see it still doing long hauls!

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Personally I don’t think it’s strange as Chicago has the biggest Slavic communities in the US rather than NY or LA.
I think this route can work out well!


I can agree with you there! Very diverse community here.

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I’d be surprised if this route actually launches unless they managed to secure some form of a contract, such as one with a cargo distributor or the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Eastern Airlines has had a significantly questionable network over the past year. They added a handful of routes that got canceled before they began:

  • New York to Anchorage
  • Los Angeles to Guayaquil
  • Philadelphia to Miami
  • Philadelphia to Mexico City
  • Miami to Santa Cruz

But hopefully they manage to make this one work.


Bosnia gang rise up @AviatorNikola @AmarKoric11


Is this the same Eastern as the one that was the launch customer of the 757? If so I’d be surprised.

I don’t think I have ever heard of this place.

Actually, I think there will be demand. As @Igor_M mentioned, Chicago has a lot of Slavic People living there, and right now there are no direct flights from Chicago to the Balkans, only Kraków, Warsaw and Vienna. Just because they’re ‘Starting with Eastern Europe’ doesn’t mean there won’t be demand 🤷‍♂️

Malaysia Airlines actually did something similar years back in their 747. They had a route to Zagreb in Croatia because there were high numbers of Croats living in Australia


well, hope they fly more often, when looking at their website and their routes they have no select dates you can choose for all the routes.

This might have changed since I checked but the airline is quite puzzling so let’s see how this new route will help them for the future.

This flight would definitely make traveling to Bosnia from the states much much easier.

Great news. I’m already planning my next route.

Eastern has closed bookings for the flight

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