Easter Spotting in Hong Kong.

It is a bit late as I received quite a lot of homework😫, but I had spent quite a lot of time in VHHH.

17/4 Morning: Aircraft Maintenance Area
Afternoon: Skydeck at T2
19/4 Skydeck at T2
22/4 Asia World Expo Bus Terminus

First day morning:

Eva Air A330-300 in their old livery

Not that many eye candy that morning though, but the afternoon section was gorgeous🤤

First day afternoon:

Emirates A380 in the Dubai Expo 2020 livery
It’s also my first time to catch this collection.

Bahrain Royal Flight Boeing 767-400
Nearly caught me off guard. I think she came for maintenance.

China Airlines A350-900 in the carbon fibre livery😍
I missed her inaugural flight, so this was my first time to catch her.

Second day:

Asiana 747-400
The Asiana queen stopped visiting Hong Kong in the day time for a long time. It’s also my first time to catch her.

Cathay Pacific A350-1000
Are you wondering why the lighting is so weird? It’s because a storm was approaching. The crosswind later forced a chain of aircrafts to go around.

Third Day:
Etihad Airways Boeing 787-9 in 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix livery
This beauty really caught me off guard. I only got two photos of her😢

Hope you enjoy them all!

Make sure to check out my Instagram account! https://www.instagram.com/vhhh.plane.spotters/ It is managed by me and my friend.


Wow, love the last one!

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Amazing pictures! I’d love to see more!

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Wow, these are some extraordinarily impressive pictures! Keep up the nice work.


You must have been quite lucky to be able to spot in VHHH. Stunning catches here all the time. One of the busiest airports in Asia any spotters would love to spend a full day here, just on the side of the Runways. 😁

But anyways, I hope you have enjoyed your stay. Once again, brilliant pictures. 📸


Loving all of the special liveries. Do you have any more photos?

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Wow! These photos are awesome! Love how you’ve captured the variety of aircraft and liveries.
Hope to see some more pictures from you in the future.

-Moosehead :)

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Great shots!
Thanks for sharing

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I live in Hong Kong. Thx for your feedback😁

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Well, I have. Here is just only a part. If it is requested, I think I have enough photos to add or fill another thread up🤔

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Great photos mate! Love the different variety of aircraft and liveries VHHH has to offer.

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Beautiful photots! Outstanding!

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That Grand Prix livery 😍

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Oh totally! Make more! We always enjoy some great photos.

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