Easter Planespotting @ Zurich LSZH

Hello everyone,

After a very busy few months with life, I finally found some free time this Easter to treat myself a trip to Zurich. Of course this means spending a day or two in one of the best planespotting locations in my opinion. I’ll be sharing my last full day in the city featuring a number of catches, sit back and enjoy 😌

The day started off with an interesting operation as this Swiss A340-300 was taxiing for departure to Malaga, Spain. Could be a demand spike for Easter, but the airline has been sending HB-JMC and various other widebodies on this particular route. Nevertheless a precious opportunity for me to grab this shot, hopefully I’ll meet one of these again before their retirement!

Next up we have a very funny looking Airbus – my first close up-ish and it does feel a lot disproportionate than I anticipated. F-GUGP is one of the last nine A318s operated by Air France, shame it’s going into retirement but understandably so.

Shortly after, I apparently got to see another uncommon deployment, with Air Europa sending in their Boeing 787-9 on this particular weekend from Madrid. EC-NBM was spotted here for startup and taxi with some delays on their return sector.

I’d love to have someone explain to me about Helvetic pilots and taxiing with their windows opened. HB-JVP, one of the four E190 (-E1s as they call it) docking on the B stands after their flight from Manchester. Turns out this flight crew will be flying me on their E2s the following day.

I thought I must feature an airBaltic A220 on this thread. They’re currently wet-leased to Swiss for regional operations in addition to their own A220s. It reminded me of my first encounter with airBaltic on this exact taxiway 4 years ago, where they still operated their B737-500. They currently operate 40 A220s, making them the largest European operator (or the largest A220-300 operator, that works too).

We can always count on the mighty A340-300 for some extremely late rotations off Runway 16, so here’s HB-JMF operated by Edelweiss Air heading to Tampa as WK4. Delivered back in 2003, this airframe has been flying for Swiss until 2017, where it was transferred to their leisure airline branch.

I missed an Air Canada B777-300ER the day prior thanks to a lengthy delay, so I managed to catch their departure this time – C-FIUV airborne for Toronto this particular afternoon as AC881. It’s been a few years since I last saw their B77W so it’s a decent shot with better equipment (and weather).

A strange visitor to the B stands, with Royal Jordanian’s Airbus A320-200 from Geneva. RJ flies a 3-sector route between Amman, Geneva and Zurich, which sounds like some sort of 8th freedom right. JY-AYW was here to pick up more passengers before departing to Amman later that day.

Another little surprise for me was this KLM’s E195-E2 registered as PH-NXC paying a visit around the observation deck. I expected them to be on the other side of A stands but they were assigned a B or remote gate on this lovely day.

Since I’ve reached the picture count, it’ll be fitting to present you my final highlight of the day – Emirates’ Airbus A380 departing Zurich for its afternoon sector, with a 40-minute delay to the best of my recollection. It’s not the first time I’ve seen A6-EDU, the other time at a rainy Manchester with a very satisfying shot too.

That essentially concludes my time in Zurich, surely one of the most fruitful spotting sessions I’ve done in recent years. One more random fact about this: in the few days I spent here, I’ve got about 98% of Zurich-based (active) aircraft, this would probably be enough to justify my Easter trip. Might share more if I get some time to write another thread, and please do let me know which was nice and where to improve on!


No T7-VBS. What a shame. But you know, maybe LGK sector or something in the future. Who knows.


Nice shots! The AirFrance A318 was my favorite.


I have to agree with @Wonderousbuilder641 😁


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