Easter Eggs

Is there any easter eggs found in the planes or maybe a mistake… I wanna see what u can find. (Ex. Pepsi cans. Ex. Speed breaks)

The Numbers on 737 co-pilots Yoke are reversed.


There are so many people that interact on the forum and play the game, we know pretty much everything about Infinite Flight already.

But isn’t it good if we can share?

Yes of course it is.

I was just saying the enthusiasts of Infinite Flight and the community have literally picked everything out of the game!

Oh I really don’t think we do…

Currently, we don’t know all that’s coming…

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Theres a Pepsi can in the A321 cockpit.


There is a Pepsi can In almost every cockpit

Tell us about it when the Concorde comes with a Pepsi livery and there are literally tons of Pepsi cans in the cockpit 😂

No Duh, would you expect a Pepsi Concorde to be filled with Coke? Or IGA Black and Gold or Woolworths Select or Coles HomeBrand style cola. 😂


No! No way! xD

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