Easter egg found at EIDW

Hello everyone

Today I flew flew ryanairair from EIDW to EGKK and on gate I found a very interesting Easter

The gate display is playing ping pong!


I think this is for every airport that has that.


i never saw that before


Put on and of your landing lights 3 times in front of any stand guidance to activate it


atari 2600 breakout. simple but enraging :(

Atc calls me and I say standby

Not every airport like YSSY I think. There is a few airports that have it.

But I thought every airport with stand guidance haves that?

EHAM, I think, doesn’t have it. But EGLL, I think, has it as well.

Oh didnt know that thx ! :)

I tested it and yes it haves, I would say every airport with stand guidance it haves.

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Not every airport! What about KLGA?

Oh ok what about EHAM

That one above is eham, and the last one klga.

I will find one that doesn’t has stand and is 3D. I don’t have a memory of which airports don’t.

Well I said every airport with Stand Guidance before.

Try any GA airport

Let share some highscores tho!


Not true, every stand guidance on every airport has it. Been confirmed cause it’s not an airport thing it’s the stand guidance thing