Easter Airshow @ KBFI - 151500ZAPR17

You don’t need to tell me your taking a 737 for the flypast, just turn up.

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I will fly F-22 upside down with tail barely grazing the runway. I’ve been practicing a lot and I am pretty good at it.

I would like to fly, im going in with an F 18

Don’t worry. Will anyone film the display?

Not that I know of, anyone feel free to though.

I will fly in a F16 at he show is that ok?

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il be attending I’ll be in a A318 sign me up if I can use the A318

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Hey Morgan im carlos and I’m flying an f18 tac demo can you sign me in thank you bye.

Hi my name is Carlos I’ll be flying the f18 hornet tac Demo plz sign me in thanks bye.

Sign me up! Great idea, will probably be coming in a F22

If I may I would like to do a retro fly by to end the show in a lightning

I’ll do it with you, I’ll fly the spitfire.

If it’s not too much can you add me in an a32x?

Yep. That is fine. See you then

I actually wont be there tomorrow… sorry for the confusion. This is final

Alrighty I will come to represent FDS tomorrow with the Infinite Flight 787-8. Note that I won’t be performing but watching/displaying to the imaginary/virtual guests at the airshow in the 787. Permission granted by morgan99. Good Luck tomorrow performers ;)

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Ok that’s fine. I’ll take you off now

I would like to fly in the 747-8i😃

I will be there 15 minutes early with f-16c

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Please ask to @morgan99 who is the organiser