Easter Airshow @ KBFI - 151500ZAPR17

Server: Casual

Region: Seattle

Airport: KBFI

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: join us on Saturday 15th for an airshow for easter, if you would like to fly please reply with what aircraft and I will add you, if you’re not flying please be respectful and spawn on the ground and just watch and not interrupt/ ruin the display. We will be using 31L/13R. I will be updating as soon as I confirm flying displays.
We will also do a mass 737 flypast at the beginning of the show, so spawn in and be ready to takeoff at the start time. This is celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first ever 737 flight. Anyone can participate, no need to have me check before hand. Any livery on any variant is fine.
Below is the timetable so far, more to be added when confirmed:
15 mins before show start: future gamer f16
Opening mass 737 flypast
Display slot 1: kevin f22
Display slot 2: tom f16
Display slot 3: kevin Q400
Display slot 4: tom a380
Display slot 5: future gamer f16
Display slot 6: Tom spitfire
Display slot 7: kevin 787-10
Display slot 8: Tom C130
Display slot 9: Fall etto a320
Display slot 10: Fall etto 747-8
Display slot 11: reder 757
Display slot 12: jet airways 995 F22
Display slot 13: kevin c130
Display slot 14: Ryan R c130
Display slot 15: Samuel 747 Qantas
Display slot 16: ryan R c130
Display slot 16: dylan f22
Display slot 17: Muhammad f18
Display slot 18: quentin f16
Display slot 19: yoitscanman spitfire
Display slot 20: carlos f18
Display slot 21: 773er f22
Display slot 22: kevin P a32x (undecided variant)
Display slot 23: joni 747-8
Display final flypast: ryan p38 & tom spitfire
See you there


I would like to start in the F22 and respawn in the 787-10 Boeing livery

Add Q400 and C130 too

I’d like to fly with the a320 and the 777 300er

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I would like to join you in an B757 :)

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With the A320 I’ll do an alpha max on rwy 31R, touch & go rwy 13L and smooth landing rwy 31R. Is it ok?

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Sounds all fine. As long as it’s safe it’s good😉

Yes it’s safe. Just tried on solo flight

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Can we meet online so you can see what I would do and decide if it’s Ok?

Yeah what about today at 1500z at kbfi casual server, my device is charging atm otherwise I’d do it now

Roger. sUl !!!

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Can we posticipate to 1600Z plz?

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Our meeting, not the event

Yep sure. Probably a better time for me too

Thank you very muchh

I’ll be coming in an F22.

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I will be making a Bravo Max runway 31R behind the A320, a front gear touch rwy 31R, a touch & go rwy 13L then takeoff vertical with a hammerhead back on track rwy 31R then land on runway 13L

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I would like you guys to postpone the meeting 1:30-mins back from now, is it possible?

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Roger bro. Online for 1730Z

Sorry but what is a bravo max