East U.S.A Server and etc.?

I remember back when we were able to pick our server locations and all of that stuff so I’m asking what happened to it?

Are you having problems with connections? Never had any tbh.

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“What difference does it make” she announced to the world! So let me ask you @Benny87654321. “what difference does it make”. What you see is what you got! Max Sends

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No im just asking because I’m wondering what happened to it. What is the new system now?

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@Benny87654321… If you have “Live” there are now 3 Servers available.
Based on skill level your are granted access. 1Server is Free Flight (Kindergarden) , then a Schoolhouse (Skill/aeronautical knowledge builder) and the Advances where skilled players covort. The Advanced has a penalty box for the malcontents. if your just coming back to IF you’lll note it’s become sophisticated. The snappy initial response was a gaff. Move on. Max Sends

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