East Pennsylvania and South New Jersey region

So, I thought of an idea. Maybe you can show respect to Pennsylvanians and So-Jerseyers and make a region for them. The northernmost airport will be KAVP, the region will only be in NJ south of KWRI. This will include the following airports: KAVP (WB-Scranton), KABE (Allentown-Bethlehem), KRDG (Reading-Regional), KLNS (Lancaster-Regional), KPHL (Philadelphia), KACY (Atlantic City), KMDT (Harrisburg). Post on this if you support. I think it would show respect to my favorite city in the US, the Lancaster-Strasburg area!


bump, attention needed

Expanding the new York region not too far would give most if not all of this.

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Alright. I hope they do

Might be worth posting under Requests rather than general section as this is where the developers read :-)

Okay. Will try

I think they will, I made a similar thread but it’s just about KPHL , I would love to see this in the near future

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I live a few miles away from KMDT! I vote yes!

I totally agree with this. I am not from PA but I have family there and I would love to see a PA region!