East Midlands

Do you guys think East Midlands (EGNX) could be a competitor to be 3D In the next update? I’ve been waiting forever for it to be 3D.
What are your thoughts? ✈️😊.

If you want an airport to be 3D apply in
Infinite Flight Airport Editing Application
Since 99% of editors arent accepting requests

But, it is a good airport

I’m the 1% that does 😉. East Midlands is highly requested, and it is on my radar, don’t you worry. Its definitely on my could do list. @itsjack.xx

Note to all: generally, making topics just makes people not do 3D airports, as most other editors do not take requests. Please refrain from making topics like these, but you can contact my Discord (NemAir) from the server if you have any more queries, requests or suggestions!
Good day!


Always nice to hear someone is taking requests.


That’s really awesome to hear, I’m so excited for that day when it does become 3D :)

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