East Midlands issued Amber Storm Warning

The Met office have issued a amber weather warning across the East Midlands. Winds are expected to gust 65mph around the area. East Midland Airport (EGNX) is expected to gust 51mph winds which will cause a fair bit of damage around the place. To anyone around the area make sure that you secure all your garden furniture and travel safely in the morning!

Met office East Midlands: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/mobile/forecast/gcrh9c2zr#?date=2017-09-13
Met Office Lincoln: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/mobile/forecast/gcrwgdr98#?date=2017-09-13


Jesus! My grandparents are living round that area, I’ll be sure to tell them. Thanks!

Glad I can help, Just been putting garden furniture away.


That’s probably for the best 😂

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Gah just a wee breeze. Tie down the trampoline and hope for the best.

Just playing haha


Is that a real expression? Believe it or not, I have an airborne trampoline story…

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YouTube ‘Scottish Trampoline.’ you will not be disappointed. 😂

Haha that’s great. Sorry for taking this off-topic… Maybe is there some METAR abbreviation for trampolines?

I’ll tie he trampoline down

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FLYBNCE flying trampolines?


Love it, I’m laughing like an idiot in public.



You ain’t the only one. 😂


Laughing in public makes people go away so you can laugh more

Excellent attitude, but I’m camped out at a coffee shop for the free wifi, trying to keep a low profile lol

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That’s a good idea, What you been drinking?

That’s what I’m hoping they don’t ask, I’m just a squatter. I’m at a starbucks doing work, they don’t need my 2$. I do work here all the time but I had plenty of coffee at home today, another cup would be dangerous

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I think that’s technically illegal

Also very off topic now

How about we call it civil disobedience. They close the libraries, I sit in the starbucks

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Roger, over and out :/