East Midlands (EMA) Runway Excursion

East Midlands airport was closed (Runway said to be closed, flights still arriving) due to a West Atlantic Boeing 737-300 Frieighter (G-JMCP) leaving the runway into the Gravel causing the runway to be closed and the airports fire service to be scrambled to the aircraft. Aircraft due inbound were diverted to Manchester (MAN) or Birmingham (BHX) with some circling till the incident was cleared.

The airport is now operating a reduced service to both inbound and outbound flights, more info will come soon.

EDIT: Flights appear to be opperating normally with no reduced service for Arrivals.

Plane Appears to have been taxing of the runway when the Excursion occured


Interesting… do you have an article to go along with this?


Oh, that’s why it has been so quiet… normally I could hear all the planes going over, but I could not earlier. I am hearing them passing by now though.


This one is a bit over-exaggerated but you can check it out as it has more detail:


Thank you for providing that!


I love that the title is way over-exaggerated, but actual article is so subtle. The article didn’t even mention that plane crashed, just that it taxied off into the gravel. Click bait at its finest.


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