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A Family Story

Infinite Flight has and always will be a place for aspiring pilots to bring their dreams closer to reality. One thing Infinite Flight offers that is unparalleled anywhere else, is our community. This community is and will always be a place for us to meet new friends and people who share similar interests, our group of staff and pilots are no different.


When the world stopped turning this spring, all of us turned back to Infinite Flight. Those that had either become too busy or not interested came flocking back. It was at that moment that we began piecing things together. Since April, ECVA has been working to build up a system that works and is easy to understand. ECVA is proud to have since become IFVARB approved and ready to accept pilots.

CEO’s Message

Hello All! My name is Will, I’m from just outside of Boston in Massachusetts, you may know me better as “BostonStrongWill”. Infinite Flight has always played an important role in my life, whether it be making new friends or having a good time! It’s my pleasure to head a monstrous project by the likes of ECVA, because the payoff will be worth it. After months, it’s awesome to see a bunch of friends come together to produce an environment where we can all enjoy the Infinite Flight skies and all they have to offer. I’ve been on IF since nearly the beginning, and have been a member on the IFC for a few years now, IFATC has also become an important part of my Infinite Flight identity as I love to be up in the tower. Come on and join us here on the magnificent East Coast! What are you waiting for?

Our Commitment
ECVA has been built up around a pilot’s needs. We’re committed to providing pilots with an easy experience, all from joining to flying and partaking in events. Staff are committed to providing a fantastic experience and are always willing to assist with any matter.

Our Fleet and Routes

Our fleet may not seem as large as other Virtual Airlines although this is also a huge bonus! Our fleet comprises of different aircraft all to serve different purposes. We have an aircraft for all types of flights, short regional hops, medium hauls, long hauls and even Ultra Long Hauls! Our Aircraft list is as follows

  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 for short regional flights.
  • Airbus A318 for short and medium haul routes.
  • Boeing 737-900 is used for more medium haul flights
  • Boeing 757-200 used for our medium to long hauls and is an extremely flexible aircraft for most routes!
  • Last but not least, our Airbus A350 is one of the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world and is used on our long and ultra long haul flights.

Our Route Network is a combination of other airlines flights from around the world. We have a vast domestic route network in the United States, with hubs at Boston, Dallas, Orlando, Los Angeles and Seattle. These hubs allow for many connections and a diverse range of flights all over the continental U.S. Our international network is concentrated in London and Japan. Being a fictional VA, there’s little limits to where we can expand and what aircraft we can add. We have so much planned in the future!

Why Should I Join?

If you’re interested in joining, we encourage you to do so! We only want to further deepen our relations with the community by providing everyone with a fun, and accessible place to fly. Our goal is to provide a quick and efficient process from application to flying across the globe. We will be expanding to many other airports, aircraft and regions of the globe within the coming weeks and months, and we encourage you to come explore with us! With weekly events, ECVA always delivers. Join us today at the application link below!

There will be a bonus for the first 10 people to apply! The 1st person who applies will get an even bigger bonus!For the first 10 people they get a 1.5x flight time multiplier for 1 week!! The first person to apply will get a 2x flight time multiplier for 1 week!!!

Apply Here!!! https://ecvirtualairlines.wixsite.com/ecva

Our Trailer https://youtu.be/0n3sVTyjT_g

We are also beyond excited to announce our first partnership, with @OPG!

Problems with our application system have surfaced recently, if you do not receive a timely response within 36-48 hours, we encourage you to reach out via our IFC profile. Thanks!


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ECVA accepting applications now!!


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Firstly would just like to say Welcome to Infinite Flight. @EastCoastVirtual, and secondly a huge congratulations to @BostonStrongWill, for reaching his goal of creating a successful VA! You have done an awesome job with ECVA and I am very glad to have been a small part in the big puzzle!

Its been an amazing journey for me at ECVA so far! With not only my personal development as a pilot, but also working alongside one of the best management teams there is within Infinite Flight!

I would highly encourage ALL pilots sign up for ECVA! It is honestly one of the best VA’s I have ever been apart of, and I know for sure, that there will be many more amazing things coming in the near future to look forward to!

Well done @BostonStrongWill and Welcome again @EastCoastVirtual! 😃🎉


Nice one guys! Happy to be partnered and we look forward to events!

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Great Job Guys!

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Nice VA! Saw a few of their pilots in BOS last night


With the new 20.2 update released, comes a new ECVA update!

Take a look through this thread to see what changes we’ve made, and what we’ve been up to lately!

Callsign changes!

With the new 20.2 update we are not able to use the callsign ECVA###. Now we use the Spain general aviation registration. We now use EC-### for pilots, and for staff they use EC-VA#. Hopefully you’ll still recognize us!

Livery and aircraft changes!

We added more aircraft and liveries! ECVA has always used the Infinite Flight or generic liveries on aircraft, but now we’ve changed to add so many more options. For example, if you’d like to fly between KBOS and KSEA, you can use any of the aircraft used on that route IRL! We added aircraft such as the Boeing 737-700 and 737-800, Airbus a319, a320, and a321!! Now, on many portions of our route network, we use all liveries used in real life for those specific routes. This provides a not only realistic, but diverse and an enjoyable feel to the network.

We also expanded our strictly ECVA fleet, we added the new 777-200ER, that was just recently reworked and re-released in early Summer. This aircraft has opened up many new route opportunities across the world, as we are now able to better connect our international hubs.

These are the newest ECVA additions, expect many more addons in the future! If you would like to apply to ECVA the link is below!

Apply here!
(We are currently not accepting website applications, pm us on the IFC to apply)


Amazing thread and amazing update!


Nice thread!


I literally just submitted an application


Just applied! Looking forward to flying with you all :)


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