East Coast hopping in the E190

Today I had my first chance to really fly the all-new E190 in Infinite Flight. I decided to fly from Washington Ronald Reagan airport to Boston and back.

Impressions of the E190: Fun aircraft and very beautiful one. It didn’t feel as stable as the A220-300. Landing smoothly also proved to be tricky. If that is because of the winds or the plane – I don’t know.

E190 jetBlue Barcode livery
flight time ~ 1hr each
Expert server

On runway 1 at DCA.

Bumpy takeoff as there were some winds.

Breathtakingly beautiful Manhattan.

Aer Lingus A330 arriving from Dublin prior to my departure back to Washington D.C.

Leaving Boston behind.

Two bumpy takeoffs, turbulent flights and firm touchdowns later back at Washington D.C.

And that’s a wrap.

Share your thoughts about the E190 or your favourite livery!



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