Eason_F's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello! IFC members. I’m currently training to become an IFATC Officer and control on radar frequencies, Due to the time difference, I created this Radar Tracking Thread when my trainer is resting, in order to get some pilots to fly to help improve my skills

Get approved from my Trainer : @TaipeiGuru
Informations (Will be updated each time when open)

  • Airport : KSBP

  • Runway in use : 11

  • Server : Training server

  • Duration :

  • Time(Zulu) : Everyday between 0600-1800

  • What to do :Request ILS/GPS Approach

Main focus: Practicing Intercepts

***Please follow all instructions ***

If you have any feedback, please leave it down below, I would appreciate!


No issue’s for me only thing I would have done is considered giving me a shorter ILS. Thanks for having me

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Thanks for coming

Coming in 2

Feedback: Ifly50VA

ILS pattern:

You seem to have the terrain awareness quite under your belt, just that on the downwind leg i came quite close to a bust (1300feet AGL) so i think to play it safe you might think of keeping your downwind at 5000 feet, the intercept was golden!! Good job man!

VIS Pattern:

First you gave me 3000 feet for my downwind which would have definitely been a bust but then you realised it and quickly gave me 4000 feet which was proactive so good job there but again as i said earlier to play it safe i would keep my downwind at 5000 feet and i wouldn’t turn base early too as i again came close to a bust on my base(1100 AGL) i would use the whole cone for VIS too as there is chance of bust if you turn base early as there is terrain, other than that no issues and no busts so thats good!

Thanks for having me and best of luck with your training!!

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Thanks for coming and feedback, I will take your suggestion and replan it. :)

OP flagged for closure