Easiest plane to fly

Hi I just downloaded this game and was curious about a few things.

What is the easiest free plane to fly?

P.s. Sorry if this topic is repeated.

If you have money to spend, buy the 777’s or 787’s.


787 is Easier

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The A321 is also good. I don’t fly it, but it’s a great start.

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737-700 is pretty good!


I suggest you start out with the smaller planes, like C172, then move up to bigger planes. Here’s an order I like to go by. Once you’ve mastered one, move on to the next.
Cirrus SR22 GTS (Optional)
C208 (Optional)
717 or CRJ-200
It’s a pretty big jump, but the next one is
Hope this helps :) Welcome to the community by the way!
For me, the easiest is the A321. Feel free to PM me or any other members if you have any problems or questions.


I recommend the B777-200 this is the easiest plane for me to fly, the smaller the harder for me


737-800, very manoeuvrable and easy to make minor adjustments to!

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I would say the C208.

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C208 or a321

Cessna 208

If you want an easy plane to fly I suggest the 777-200ER. although it is fairly big in size, its maneuverability is very good and it doesnt get tossed around as much during high winds like the smaller planes do.


The Airbus A318/9/20 planes are easy to fly, too.

I think the a380 is good for me.

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I fly the A320 the best. It’s super easy to fly if you practice.

Cessna 208 is super easy to fly. For larger liners the 777’s are notoriously friendly to fly. Embraer’s are also user friendly.

Heavies are always easier.

The 777 family is easy to fly and makes you look like a pro, and although I don’t fly it a lot, I’ve noticed landing in the A380 looks pretty smooth.

I think the Cessna 208 is impossible to fly, its so sensible to the controls and its physics are very different to those on heavies.

I hope this can help you. The the Boeing 787 family would be a intermediate aircraft and the Dash-8 would be an expert aircraft in my opinion.
Credit for @Skylines for rating aircraft difficulty in his post below.