Easiest and hardest airport at which to taxi

I am curious as to the most complex airport you taxi at and the easiest.
The easiest for me is KSAN and the hardest has to be KDEN.


Probably KATL or KJFK. Lots of runways and complex taxiways. I have to look at an airport map as I am taxiing, or I get lost.


I get lost at any airport with more than one runway. sigh


Yep KATL is complex and if the runways switch it is a pain to reverse direction.

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KORD as one of the hardest. Not hard once you learn your way around but the runway layouts ruin a lot of the flow to the taxiways. With how the terminals are laid out two you arent going in a straight line so much as constantly turning. While it is difficult to figure you way around it surely is one of the funnest to taxi with.


Easiest is any airport with one runway. The gates are usually right next to it.

The most annoying is probably any large airport in Europe. Those tend to have a lot of remote gates and runways, which is frustrating.

Also, the taxiways at LAX are very narrow, which can make a challenge for a large jumbo.

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It is true, KORD is my main airport and once you learn the layout it becomes easier.

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Another easy one is KSFO. Pretty easy with all the terminals being in one section, and the taxiway layout is very nice as well.

For some reason, I can never figure out Athens. Looking at the Jeppesen charts doesn’t help me either. I think that’s just me because the airport layout is very basic.


IAH is pretty tough, especially with other ground traffic. It’s also a long taxi if the 33’s are active.

KSEA is pretty nice and convenient for me. Three runways, and a nice large taxiway on one side of the airport. And it also has a beautiful view.

KDEN is not hard. The layout is fairly simple, just spaced out.

EGLL is hard to taxi in when the controller is a noob. The guy told me “pushback approved, expect Runway 27R”. Being the respectful guy I am, I pushed with the intent to go to 27R. Then he says “Taxi to Runway 27L”, which is is the opposite direction of 27R. I had to pushback into another taxiway to get it right 😑.

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Try landing 8L then taxiing to gate E7. Took me like 17 minutes


8L is worse, especially if you are a FedEx aircraft 😂Northernmost part of the airport, across terminals, across runways, through traffic, and finally at central cargo.

No airport is hard to navigate if preparations are met. However, I was taxiing at KJFK two weeks ago and the visibility was reduced to 1/2 mile. Now that was a challenge!

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Yeah i meant 8L. I was using a FlightAware plan and the STAR i used was only for 8L.

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KBOS, though complex in terms of field arrangement, is an easily navigable airport for me because I know the real taxi routes and where each terminal is located. Biased of course since I’m a local.

Any airports I am unfamiliar with are usually the most difficult and I have to utilize an airport ground chart to find my way around.

That’s the same with me, I know all the different taxiways at HOU and IAH, so it’s easy for me, but for people unfamiliar with the layout it can be hard.


Definitely Singapore. I remember I was taxiing through a terminal because the layout was so confusing 😩


KEDW is hardest while BIKF is the easiest for me.