EASA issues special conditions for VTOLS

on the 15th of October, the EASA released a “special condition” for the emerging generation of VTOLs. The rulemaking process involves further steps – such as consultation – before the special condition is enforced. But the first version clearly indicates a performance-based approach, in addition to a willingness to avoid the weak points inherent to the design and operation of current helicopters.The special condition will apply to the Lilium vectored-thrust jet and the multi-rotor Volocopter, two aircraft EASA is already working on. The standalone special condition incorporates elements of CS-27 (certification specifications for small rotorcraft) and CS-23 (small fixed-wing aircraft). Its scope is limited to small VTOL aircraft. Up to five passengers and two metric tons, they account for 90 percent of the emerging projects EASA has heard of.



That looks… interesting


Have the people who drew this ever heard of helicopters? You gotta think one single blade is a lot more efficient than a drone on steroids


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