Earthrise - 50 years

50 years ago, on the day of Christmas Eve, in 1968, for the first time in history, Humans went around the Moon and were one step closer to achieve the end goal of the Apollo program.


The Apollo 8 crew composed of astronaut Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders saw with their own eyes how Earth looked like from our satellite and one of the most famous pictures was taken named “Earthrise”.

In a few months, we will celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Apollo 11. Only 3 men of the 12 astronauts who have been fortunate enough to walk on the Moon are still alive and a total of 12 Apollo astronauts should be there for the ceremony.

Merry Christmas!


Source of all the images : NASA

For more details about the picture :)


Here’s a great clip involving the Apollo 8!


I saw this short film recently on National Geographic’s YouTube channel. A MUST WATCH!

It rapidly goes through the voyage of Apollo 8 and this beautiful, very well edited film focuses particularly on the Earth. It’s a great reminder of our place in the Universe and it puts to a whole new perspective on our existence.

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I’m gonna be picky and ask; how is this aviation related ?

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Because aviation is part of aerospace.


So we can post space news in the forum ?


@Q-ENAN does have a point here. If this topic is allowed, then it should set a precedent for other space-related news. Something to consider.

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I love how when people post something that has influenced aerospace and society in general. Here we are discussing if this is allowed or in the right category or whatever…

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I got a great LEGO model of the Saturn IV that really put the whole ting into scale, it’s incredible when you think about it. We can not only get someone off this planet, but to another celestial body…


I mean I don’t have a problem either way, if space discussion is allowed or not allowed, I’m just interested because I don’t know if this has been approached before.

Like this one

Or this one

Or this one? Need I continue?


Thanks for clearing it up @Brandon_Sandstrom

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Indeed and it’s incredible to think that it is basically a flying building with 4 extremely powerful engines beneath it. Only for a tiny little spacecraft compared to the entire rocket.

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Ya, especially the way the LEGO comes into the stages, it’s incredible to see how this big rocket (1 meter in the set) turns into something no more than a 2 inches that actually goes to the moon…

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I don’t see why not it’s aeronautical things.

Aeronautics and aerospace are two different things, you can’t deny that.

“About the #real-world-aviation category” don’t state aerospace topics.
Since the topic is still up, I guess it’s allowed.

Sure it is they’re both aero operation and real world aviation. So I don’t see any issues if there was I think mods would have closed any post down plus a ton of them are pilots so Lol

This is the great community you posted it to.

Aerospace encompasses in atmosphere flight. So why are we arguing whether it is in the right category? This is a reason I’m leaving the community in a couple days. Powered flight was important for spaceflight. There is a reason NASA does not JUST do spaceflight. And aviation just simply means flight. Whether Around space or in the atmosphere, it’s still aviation in its root meaning.

We can’t build it anymore sadly. It was the most powerful rocket ever built, and it slowly lifted off the ground. But it got us to the moon.