Earthquake at Osaka JPN

At 7:58AM JT A Magnitude 6 earthquake struck Osaka and pretty much all operations in the area were terminated .
Two airports (RJBB and RJOO) I think were on a groundstop. Did the same happen on Infinite flight servers? I mean I’m not sure if infinite flight registers natural disasters like earthquakes for groundstops.But if so ,man way to go IF.
Anyways I saw planes on JAP television just sitting on the tarmac so I assumed there was a groundstop

No earthquakes aren’t a thing on IF. I guess if there was ATC and there was Atis you could out a gate hold on but yeah it’s not a thing.

Ah yeah I didn’t think IF was that advanced

I dont this this is the correct place to post this topic?

Thoughts still go out to those affected. I just came back from there not 3 days ago.

Yeh I don’t use community a lot and I could not find the Real world aviation topic