EarthCam Spotting

I’ve posted this in RWA because some moderators told me in the post Question to Community Rule Enforcers: Can community members start posting plane pics from the app EarthCam? to post it in RWA.

I thought it’d be interesting to make a post about seeing aircraft on EarthCam. It’s an app for Apple, I’m not sure about other devices, but the Statue of Liberty webcam views an approach for the 22 Runways at KEWR. To participate in this topic, you’ll obviously need EarthCam. Search for EarthCam and it’ll pop up, download it. You don’t need to pay at all, for you people who don’t want to pay, just click on the column that reads, “Statue of Liberty Streaming”, shown in this screenshot.

Then, as long as you can see as far as in the following pic and it’s daylight, if you have time, wait for an aircraft to zoom past your screen. Then screenshot it, like these pics below.

Otherwise, please enjoy your findings. Don’t post pics if there isn’t a plane in it. Also, please note that for the next month it will only be daylight on the webcam from about 12Z-2130Z.


Caught one an hour ago.