Earth at 100000000ft in Infinite Flight!

What earth looks like at over 10000000ft in Infinite Flight!
[Uploading: 2E06EB75-ACA9-40D6-9655-20AB02ECC71B.jpeg…](strong text


Golly!!! that is high!


Its a hilarious glitch you can do in solo with a fighter jet and spawn on approach to the runway you cannot land on, you spawn under the mountain and you go straight down at a high speed and eventually you’ll get launched extremely high and you are spinning like crazy!!!


Could you try reloading the image please?


Dayuuumm, how’d you get that high?


Same here. I look forward to the fix though, should look pretty cool 😎


I will have to try this for me!!


pic hasnt loaded


Same for me its not loaded in


@Lanes_AviationYT the picture has not loaded

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Do you have an example airport?

LUKLA Airport @Bmoney326


Had a feeling. Thanks for the clarification

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It can be any airport just take an F22 go fly up to 20000ft then dive down for the ground at full speed and sometimes it lets you glitch in the ground then you come back out

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Yes I just redownloaded the picture =)

Sorry guys that the picture wasn’t loaded, I redownloaded it so it should be good now let me know if you see it now! =)

Fixed it can you see it now?

Yup, it’s there. That is so crazy!

I departed from Lukla about an hour ago and just got to (I believe) 100,000,000,000ft+. At the start when I reached 100,000ft it went a bit crazy and started restarting. Anyway here is my results, warning, watch from a 3rd person view or drone as the FPS is beyond anything a human can take.

The Earth is cut semi-off the screen because as you get higher more of the Earth disappears with how the cameras work at extreme altitudes in Infinite Flight.

In the end, I’ve just gone so far away from Earth that it stopped rendering, I fly over Russian, Denmark, UK, Ireland before my distance travelled and direction became completely irrelevant. I challenge someone to go higher however you need a very good phone, I have an iPhone 11 and even that was struggling with the FPS. Also maybe try the causal server if possible, would be interesting to see on liveflight.
Oh and I tried to get the last to shots in landscape but my phone was just over it and refused until I quite the session.


Other way to make it to the space is starting a flight in solo with any plane, climb a little and pause the flight for 5 minutes or a bit more.

In the replay, your plane will climb insanely fast and you’ll be in the space for the time you pause the flight.

It will work, here’s the prove: