Early Sunsets

I’ve noticed when flying on live that sunsets are very early. For example, I live in Orlando, Florida, and I will spawn at KMCO at around 5 PM. I look outside in real life, it’s beginning to be a sunset, but still quite bright outside. I go in Infinite Flight, however, and it’s pitch black by 4:30 PM. Can anyone explain this? This isn’t just a one-time occurrence when the sun set particularly late that day, it’s been a theme throughout. Even at around 3:30 PM eastern time in the game the sky will start to get darker.

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I have noticed the exact same thing and I live in the Netherlands. I have no idea why it does like that but I would love it if it could be fixed.

Do you have it set to “Current time”?

I just tried and it looks fine to me based on your description. Obviously i changed it to 4.30PM your time to reproduce, so i don’t have current time here. That would render it pitch black as it’s 2.07AM in Orlando now?

Yes, I do. It’s weird how you’re getting that, it almost looks like the sky at about 3:30 PM. Let me quickly try it myself.

So yeah, I’m getting the same results as you are. The time slider seems to have more accurate information than “current time” as far as sunsets go for some reason. The only thing I can do is wait until I can catch it I guess.

Yeah, try to catch it when it happens. Much easier to look at then :)
I’ve always found this to work as it should, but maybe there’s a discrepancy somewhere.

Ok, will do. I’ll see if I can remember to catch it tomorrow 👍🏻

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