Early Spring Break Travels Pt. 1 // KATL-MWCR // Mar. 15, 2021

Early Spring Break Travels Pt. 1 // KATL-MWCR // Mar. 15, 2021

Server: Expert
Callsign: Delta 1060
Time: 1930 Zulu - 2130 Zulu
Route: Atlanta (KATL) - Grand Cayman (MWCR)
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200

Hello aviators! It’s finally that time of year when people start shipping down South for Spring Break. This is personally my favorite time of the year, as the weather starts getting better, life becomes super busy, and then we get that one very needed amazing break. Today, I decided to fly a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 from Atlanta (KATL) to Grand Cayman (MWCR). This was such an amazing flight with stunning scenery. Thanks to my very good friends @zion89, @Liam_McAtee, and @Chicago_Aviator for joining me on this flight! Enjoy!

1. The 75 gang making our way to Runway 09L.

2. Absolutely roaring out of Atlanta with @zion89 starting to line up.

3. Banking over the Florida Keys.

4. Key West in the distance and the Western Keys.

5. The city of Marathon and the rest of the Florida Keys reaching up to Miami.

6. Making the final turn towards Grand Cayman over the brilliant blue waters of Cuba.

7. Saying goodbye to Cuba!

8. Absolutelty stunning colors before crossing the final deep blue.

9. Getting a great view of Grand Cayman on arrival.

10. Finally parked with @Chicago_Aviator sticking his landing.

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Hope you guys enjoyed these shots! Also, special thanks to my great friends who joined me on this flight. Cheers!

Make sure to check out the Spring Break Series coming out in a few days! Scenery like this is guaranteed along with loads of fun!


Love the photos @Cooper_Marcukaitis

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Oh wow number 8 🤩😱😱

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Thank you! Make sure to join the trip back later today. Will make an official thread on #live:groupflights.

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Ikr! I l absolutely loved Photo 8, but I also love the Keys so much, I couldn’t resist to vote for 5.

Hey look at that! Looks like u guys had an awesome flight ;)

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We sure did! Feel free to join the trip back at 2021-03-16T19:00:00Z :)

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Love those shots, it makes me want to go to Grand Cayman. This Saturday, I will be starting my Spring Break Vacation flying to various cities such as Beijing, Guayaquil and Miami from my hometown St. Louis. The reason why I am starting this Saturday is that St. Louis schools Spring Break starts the week before my spring break in Miami Dade Public Schools where I am in college.

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Thanks! I want to go to Grand Cayman too! My family and I booked to go there twice over Covid, but of course, they’re still shut down, so we never went. Hopefully, we can still go to Turks and Caicos in two and a half weeks. Feel free to join the group flight later today as well!

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