Early morning SW trip report

Today, my idiotic self decided to fly to book a 6am flight from dca-mdw-cmh for no reason other than to disturb my already non existent sleep schedule

Woke up at a crisp time of 3:15am, left home at 4am, and got to the airport 4:30am

After a commonly short taxi on southwest, we made it off the runway and rocketed towards chicago midway (mdw)

For some reason southwest decided to take away my fun and joy, no brownie brittle😢, however after a short time I finally made it into midway

Shortly after, i found myself on a Boeing 737-7BD, not so much rocketing out of chicago

After a short cruise, we descended and had a no where near smooth landing, i made it to columbus! Greedings by a planespotting hawk

Seats: 6/10 southwest has never pioneered with their seats, but granted its a low cost carrier and plenty of leg room and tray space, so it does well with the basics
Inflight entertainment: 5/10 wifi was subpar, but i was able to navigate fine, move selection was good, however no seat entertainment must be on a portable device. However if ur a true enthusiast like me, that wont be in issue cause we be staring out the window
Food: 3/10, all u get is graham crackers and a drink, however its free, but not filling at all, luckily i wasn’t going intercontinental
Service: 7/10 flight attendants were nice, however they were barely present during the flight, understandable for mdw-cmh, but from dca-mdw, i expected more isle action

Overall: 21/40. However this is expected, even better than expected! Southwest is a low cost carrier, yet they do a more excellent job in some areas than leading US carriers. I fly southwest all the time, and this was a normal experience, u get what u payed for, remember that.


Is it just the light, or is there green stuff right inside the cockpit door?


It looks like yellow from the plastic floor maybe?

Another Washingtonian?


Southwest taxiing: godlike speed

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And landing too

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If you say so, I’m not American.

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Ah ok (they land very fast)

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green lol, found it weird too

aye wazzup brotha🤜🤛

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yo 😎

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that’s all you’d get on any other airline lmao


but not southwest😔, ur supposed to get the snack mix and brownie brittle… southwest i trusted u

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Ummm hi lol

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