Early Morning Spotting at KFLL - 11/23/19

Hello IFC!

Back here again with another planespotting thread! I’ve posted a KFLL spotting thread before from the same day, but I have so many photos to share that I’ve split it up into different threads.

In this thread, I’m focusing more on what I spotted in the early hours of the morning, during golden hour ☀️

At KFLL, I spotted at this location:
KFLL Spotting Location

Most of what I spotted in the morning were either Spirit or JetBlue, since they both have hubs there. But I tried to pick out the most interesting shots I took while staying under the 10 photos limit.

Enjoy the photos, and feedback is appreciated!

The first shot of the day… N47414, a stunning United 737-900 soaking in the golden light

N637NK, a Spirit A320-200 still in the “skittles” livery. This Spirit livery is the worst out of the 3 in my opinion…

Southwest 737-700 painted in the “Nevada One” livery seconds before landing

Here’s N531NK, a Spirit A319-100 that was recently painted from the old “pixel” livery

Here’s N239WN, a Southwest 737-700 painted in the “Canyon Blue” livery

“O’Malley the Mallard Duck”, a brand new Airbus A320neo operated by Frontier

Here’s N669NK, a Spirit Airbus A321-200

A Southwest 737-700 burning some rubber on touchdown

“Blue Look Maaahvelous” …I wonder if there’s just a team at JetBlue who makes up these plane names 😂

And finally, a unique shot from the others. A head-on shot of a Spirit A320neo. Has to be one of my favorite shots from that day.

Thank you for checking out my seventh planespotting thread! Feel free to check out my other planespotting threads below if you’d like.

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Thanks again for checking out my thread! Again, I’d appreciate your feedback on my photos!

Have a good day :)


Another amazing topic!

Planespotting done the Wu style :)

@AndrewWu ;)


Thanks! Appreciate it!

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Nice snaps! Great work.

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Wow! Those are amazing photos! I just saw Nevada One two days ago!

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Amazing! Following you on Insta now. I wish I could have spent more time at FLL when I was in the area in March.

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Wow those are incredible shots! The pic of the 737 on touchdown is 🔥

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I am definitely not early bird enough to get such cool morning light! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you everyone, I really appreciate the feedback! @Enigma @MJP_27 @Altaria55 @tunamkol @JulianB


Lovely pictures! Keep up the good work

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Wow mate, Those pictures are just gorgeous 🤩

You’ve gotta be kidding me right now, how can you not like that livery?

Might wanna check this out @I-am-the-captain-now


Ah yes, great time to spot at FLL when it’s cooler out. Just look at that jetBlue bird 😍


Thanks for the feedback! @den.aviation @I-am-the-captain-now

Compared to the other Spirit liveries, it just seems “tacky” I guess haha.


My home airport!

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Yea, imo the yellow livery is kinda suckish

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Agree to disagree haha

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