Early Morning in Hawaii

On Friday Night/Saturday Morning, I flew from KATL to PHNL in a Delta A330. I woke up at 6:00 AM EST to land, but man was it worth it. I was arriving at Sunrise, and I got some breathtaking photos. Enjoy!

The shadow of the plane with the sun rising

Making a turn twords PHNL
And then there was land!
My personal favorite, because it has just the right sky color, and a slight turn.

Hope you enjoyed these photos!

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I updated the poll :)

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Hey @JacksonAviation I know it’s of topic, but since when did you change your pfp?

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I simply love flying into PHOG in Hawaii in IF bad IRL as it is amazing to fly a right downwind and fly back toward the island over the beach and land.

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I responded to you via PM

Alright back on topic, those pics are good, I like the one with the left wing view.

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