Early morning from Melbourne to Auckland

I saw that YMML had an active tower and decided to do a little flight from there

Aircraft: DC10
Altitude: FL350, FL370
Cruise speed: Mach 0.85
Flight time: 2:58
Server: Expert

Pushing back in Melbourne. Unfortunately it’s not 3D yet, but I’m sure it will be soon

Departing Melbourne

We’ve reached our cruising altitude of FL350. We Later climbed up to FL370

Goodbye Australia 👋
Reached the coast about 20 minutes after take off, now it’s time to serve the passengers some breakfast as we got more than two hours of uneventful cruising above the water ahead of us…

Good morning New Zealand, nice to meet you

Runway 05L at Auckland really has a nice approach. I like that view

On final runway 05L

Safely made it it to the gate. I think the new guidance system might need some improvement, as this is literally the way it wanted me to park my aircraft and if you ask me this really is unnecessarily close. A few meters further away would’ve also been more practical for the jetbridges, as they wouldn’t have had to move so far to reach my doors. Anyway, those little things can absolutely be forgiven if you ask me.

Thank you very much for watching


Great shots! You have earned my Seal of Approval™ for using the ANZ DC-10. I think that livery is amazing on the DC-10, hope we can get it on the 747 sometime soon.


Thanks. I really like the livery on this airplane too, it just fits so well. Though Air New Zealand has quite a history of nice liveries anyway if you ask me


Really nice shots and choice of flight ! I love this historical livery ! :)


I love the livery and I haven’t seen many people use it. the pictures are great. as for the jet bridge I noticed this problem too