Early Morning Flight From Yellowstone

Tried out again airports that haven’t been used a lot lately around the rockys near Colorado and Utah
With the flight of the delta CRJ-900



Almost OverShot the runway during takeoff

I would recommend you to fly to airports around the Rocky Mountains if it could be cool


These look awesome! Maybe just reduce the structure so that we do not see the lines in the skies! but nicely done pictures!

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Yea personally I kinda got a hard time doing it personally

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Yes I could see that since it was night time… but it turned out not bad…

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Yea I thought so but couldn’t change it back from Adobe Lightroom

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Been to Cody, Wyoming in real life! Neat little town with a nice regional airport. Along with Yellowstone being an hour drive away.

Great shots!

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Wow Hope you had a good time there and seen some scenary

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Anyway the In KCOD can be used for regional jets like the ERJ , CRJ So Not sure you try out a 737 there