Early Morning Decathlon Flight

G’day all or Bonjour à tous, aloha, Hallo allemaal, 大家好, Hallo alle, Halló allir, Pozdrav svima, Halo semua, Καλησπέρα σε όλους, so today I thought of something, Decathlon no not the store and was like well let’s do this then, so I present to you the Decathlon.

image San Francisco (KSFO) to San Francisco (KSFO)

image American Champion Super Decathlon

image Morning

image Classical solo and I mean it literally classical solo

If you want to use my picture for a post, YouTube thumbnail, Instagram post, etc please PM me.


Wow it looks real with the water and the way the land is dark great photo


U have a device that u use for this kinda thing right or did u not update it?

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I am going to be releasing a post soon for people about it. My next few shots will be of pre global.


Got to love the pre-global water textures 🙌🏽