Early Morning Cessna 172 Flight

This morning before our runway closed for a few hours for repaint, my friend and I went up to practice insturment approaches. He was my saftey pilot as he’s already instrument rated. Our route of flight was SRC-HBZ-BVX-SRC. We did 5 approaches all together. Approaches are as followed:


Wow, it seems like you had a lot of fun! I am currently training in the C152 atm to get my PPL. I am loving the experience. What was flying the ILS approach like?

Awesome! Glad to see you still progressing. How is the training going buddy?

I’ve done it so many times, it’s become almost second nature to me.

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Going good. Focusing on the written but flying too keep my skills sharp and current

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Hope you had a good time! I also flew this morning in an experimental RV-12. It was pretty fun, but man it is a tiny plane!

Yes the rv-12 isn’t to roomy! Lol. But fun to fly in.

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Yah RVs are little more sporty than the 172s. Would be fun too fly though

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I would love to learn how to fly.
When landing ILS, is there an indicator onboard that shows where the Glide slope and where the localizer is? Curious

Yes. You essential flow the needles down and if both cords then your on the perfect glide slope down to the runway

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In a ultralight it’s like playing your phone. Apps that we use are very detailed. Love to learn a 172 or RV. Friend has one and a cub. I will one day! Lol.

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