Early Morning BA A380 Diversion

BAW268 was diverted to Boston from Los Angeles this early AM. It will be departing Boston shortly for its trip to London-Heathrow. I’m hoping it takes off from runway 27 because I can see planes from my house, it might not because 27 is 7,000ft long while the other runway in use, 33L is 10,000 ft. If it does takeoff from 27, I’ll try to get a picture.

Here’s the flight: BA268 (BAW268) British Airways Flight Tracking and History 19-Jul-2016 (KLAX-KBOS) - FlightAware

If anyone knows why it was diverted don’t be afraid to post it below.


Medical diversion.

BA will be putting an A380 on the BOS route starting around February 2017 btw.

I had a feeling it might’ve been a sick passenger.

I know BOS is expanding Terminal E to have A380 gates, but I didn’t realize BA was starting service this soon. I was expecting it for next summer. Where’d you find this?

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Hope he/she will get well soon

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She lifted off from 33L instead. One day I’ll catch at A380 at Boston…


Come to New York. We get waaaaay too many.

I saw an Asiana A380, then a Korean A380 right behind it while I was on a camp field trip to a salt marsh.

I want to visit JFK sometime.

I would of agreed with you, expect that the delays are sometimes unbelievable. If not it’s very beautiful and well organized.

Don’t see why it didn’t go to Montreal? Or Hilifax and Toronto is the same length

Maybe there’s not enough space at Montreal and Halifax.

It was closer to Boston compare to Montreal and Halifax doesnt have the equipment necessary to handle a380’s or 747’s. So that would of explain their choices in landing in Boston.

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