Early Afternoon Spotting at KSEA

Good morning IFC! About a week ago, I took a trip to Seattle and went spotting, (kind of).

These pictures were taken through the glass of the C Concourse Alaska Lounge with an I-phone-8. I don’t have a photo editor either. This was also my first time spotting and I plan to upgrade my equipment. Enjoy!

Alaska Old Livery-VS New Livery

Emirates 777-300ER landing from Dubai. Registration (A6-EQA)

British Airways 777-200ER Taxiing to runway 16L heading from London. Registration(G-VIIC)

Alaska Salmon-Thirty-Salmon-800 taxing to runway 34R heading to Unknown. Registration(N552AS)

Singapore Airlines Cargo 747-400F Landing from Anchorage- continuing onto Dallas. Registration(9V-SFM)

Lufthansa 747-400 taking off runway 34R heading to Frankfurt. Registration(D-ABTK)

I had many more photos, but had to exclude them because of different reasons. On my next trip I will probably be taking a small Camera to take pictures with. Also I probably will take them outside. I would love to hear feedback, and trips and tricks to help me improve my spotting! Thanks!


Cool! That last photo is a 747-400, but I am just nitpicking.

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Oh, Thanks, did not notice!

Alaska livery is N552AS for the salmon one 👍🏻

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That is what I put down.

Nice pics! You caught the SQ 747 that comes to KDFW… yet nobody has ever seen it here.

Wow. Interesting!

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