Eagles (VFA-115) | F/A-18E Super Hornet

Surprisingly, no feature request has been created for this squadron. With the release of 22.6, I unfortunately didn’t see the addition of atleast one of the four United States Navy’s foreign-based squadrons. This request is for what is one of my favorites being VFA-115.

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Pictured above is NF301 (166860). VFA-115 consists of 12 Super Hornets based at MCAS Iwakuni in Japan and use the callsign “Talon” for radio communications. The squadron has a bit of history being consistently active since October of 1942. More recently, the Super Hornets have been involved in various Exercise Talisman Sabre’s (a military exercise lead by the Aussies and Americans) along with recently partaking in the withdraw of Afghanistan.

The squadron remains active flying around Iwakuni on sorties. It would be great to include a squadron or two from Iwakuni to represent more of international F/A-18E operations!

Most information used was referenced from Wikipedia.

Yes, we need this


You. Got. My. Vote.


Well well well the Eagle has arrived

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Voted, this would be a great addition.