Eagle/Vail, Co Fly out (Real World Routes) KEGE - 111130ZJUL18

July 14, 2018
Server: Training Server

Airport: KEGE

Time: 1130Z
7:30pm EDT
4:30 PDT

NOTAM: Flight plane is required. Real routes being used, ask permission for custom GA.

(Not my photo)

I will be hosting a fly out with real routes in Eagle County Regional Airport. This airport is an exciting airport at a high elevation with beautiful mountains surrounding the airport. The airport is fun to both fly in and out of, so please come and join. (I know that not all routes are there, there is not enough gate space for all routes)


Air Canada
Gate 01: (Airbus A319 - Air Canada) [KEGE-CYYZ]

American Airlines
Gate 02: (Airbus A320 - American) [KEGE-KDFW]
Gate 03: (Airbus A320 - American) [KEGE-KLAX]
Gate 04: (Boeing 757-200 - American) [KEGE-KMIA]
Delta Airlines
Gate 05: (Boeing 757-200 - Delta) [KEGE-KATL]
Gate 06: @HiFlyer (Boeing 717-100 - Delta) [KEGE-KSLC]
United Airlines
Gate 07: (Bombardier CRJ-700 - United Express) [KEGE-KDEN]
Gate 08: (Boeing 737-800 - United) [KEGE-KORD]
Gate 09: (Boeing 737-800 - United) [KEGE-KEWR]
Gate 10: (Airbus A320 - United) [KEGE-KSFO]
General Aviation (GA only aircraft allowed, please tell me the route and aircraft if you want to take the gate)
GA 01:
GA 02:
GA 03:
GA 04:
GA 05:
GA 06:
GA 07:
GA 08:
GA 09:

Air Traffic Control
EGE Ground:
EGE Tower:
I hope you can join! Remember, a flight plan is required!

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