EAF F-22 At Gatwick - 11/11/2019

Today I flew an ILS approach at Gatwick in an F-22. I will now explain why for two reasons:

1: If I don’t add any background info to this topic it will be closed.

2: The rEaLiSm police will demand an explanation for why a military jet was at a busy international airport.

Because I tend to only fly the F-22 around the UK I don’t normally get to fly into busy airspaces. Things are different this week because Gatwick is the featured airport. I normally wouldn’t fly into Gatwick but I like to fly with IFATC whenever the opportunity arises (doesn’t happen that often) so today I made an exception. After spending some time flying aimlessly around Suffolk I did a single low approach at Gatwick before departing and flying to Wales for some low level flying.

It went smoothly, with the notable exception of the frame rate which underwent a sudden and severe decline as many aircraft were rendered at once. This made the final approach far more challenging than usual and caused increased levels of stress and sinful language. I must remember to reduce aircraft count before approaching busy areas in future.

Server: Expert

Time: 2050Z 1750Z

Route: EGXC - East Anglia - EGKK - North Wales - EGXC

Severity of perspiration: Severe


Nice. I remembered clearing you for the option for the low pass😉


🤣👊🏽👍 I like the second reason the IFC police 🚔 🤣


Everyone loves a low past, right? Must have been cool to watch, nice pictures too, thanks for sharing!


Same, I took off from Raf Mildenhall, with an C-130 and landed at Gatwick. This was a first in a long time flying into such a busy airspace. Gave me some great practice!

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Recording taken from HUD view during the approach. Low quality for some reason but better than nothing:

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