EAF air to air refuelling for 140600-0000ZMAY19


Server: expert

Airport: EGVN/airborne

Time: all day

Description: As you may have seen, tuesday is transatlantic military, and so EAF, the premier euro division of IFAE-GAF have decided to fly AAR (air to air refuelling missions) throughout the day. This will be made up of 3 different AAR tracks, and our tanker pilots will be threading details below.
AAR tracks: we will be operating on three AAR tracks, all based on accurate real life AAR tracks through the day, them being:

  1. Transatlantic: EGVN SAPCO UN57 POL UN601 TLA N97 MAC 5610N 5520N 5430N 5340N 5150N YJT UYR 5550N 5530N 5620N 5610N MAC 5439N/424W 5356N/359W 5359N/343W 5442N00407W DCS UL612 HON EGVN


  3. UK West coast: REVNU STN28 5907N 5914N DEVOL REVNU

  4. Northern scotland: 5652N/0310W 5825N/0505W 5818N/0539W 5642N/0335W

We hope to see you in the skies and if interested in joining GAF/EAF hit up this topic: IFAE-Global Air Forces “Air Power Beyond Borders”

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IFAE-Global Air Forces “Air Power Beyond Borders”
[Services Completed & Routes Closed]Global Air Forces USAF Transatlantic Tankers @KWRI 141500ZMAY19
Refuelers || Tracking Thread

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EAF air to air refuelling for 140600-0000ZMAY19

If you would like to take pictures like the ones below or you just need some gas we are more than happy to provide fuel for you to get you accross the Atlantic or your UK airspace patrols!

With regards,


Callsign Yankee is airborne operating a west coast towline for the next couple of hours.

Establishing at FL280, come and take some gas for your westbound trips!


I’m on the east coast of the USA so I’m there


Second tanker airborne ETA AAR track East Coast UK 15 minutes. Look for BULL01 and come take some gas if you need it… FL280 at 220 KIAS.

With regards,

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BULL01 on station AAR track east coast UK. Expect to be here until around 1200 zulu.


MADRAS01 on station transatlantic AAR track, FL280, KIAS300

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@NBSYT if you wanna head over later today, you could come over with me on my return leg:) i will be turning back to the UK around newfoundland

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CACTUS01 heading up to make a crossing ofthe Atlantic. Will be turning over Newfoundland and returning to the UK to come on station just to the east of the Isle of Man. Boom will be down, feel free to refuel at any point.


My first customers of the day…

A very professional F16 Viper driver

And a F14 Tomcat driver…

If you want some gas come and find us around UK airspace.

With regards, B4ND1T (BULL01)


Thanks for the fill up :)

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DESTRUCT en route West Coast AAR track. ETA 35 mins. FL285, KIAS M0.81.

DadaBull (GAF Gen. B. Novick “DESTRUCT”)

Come and fill up - will be on track for ca 5 hours.

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Roger that and thanks for the very professional join mate! That looked great! 👍


Now on AAR track off UK/Irish west coast. FPL is number 3 in the list at the top of this thread. Callsign “Destruct”. Boom down - come have a drink.

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Now departing for RTB. Hope the track was of use!


Now departing for some AAR at Transatlantic Route. Fpl 1. Feel free to refuel.
Callsign: Columbia Army 369
FL 300
Mach 81

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Hey didn’t I refuel you earlier today? You were in an F16 correct?

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Yes correct. It was over the UK east Coast, wasn’t it?

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Thanks for the fill up SHIFTY1! Boy was that difficult in the F-18.