EADS Bf 109G-4 "Red 7 and Bars"

Another restoration of a former CASA Hispano HA-1112 M1L “Buchón”, built in the 1950s. After being written off from service, it was stored in La Tablada airfield when, in 1968, was sold to the United Kingdom in 1968 to be part of the movie “The Battle of Britain” as a makeshift Bf 109E “Yellow 11”.
It was modified again to represent a P-51 Mustang in another movie, but it crashed on takeoff. It was sold to the US and was given an airworthy condition again, only to fly once more and crash in 1986. The aircraft was then transformed into an static Bf 109E-4, and left in open storage.
Fast forward 4 years, it arrived at Augsburg (Germany) in a terrible state, where a group of enthusiasts had planned to restore the aircraft as a Bf 109G-4 “Gustav”, including an original Daimler Benz DB 605. The owners gave up, and in 1998 it was sent to the Messerschmitt Air Company in Albstadt-Dagerfeld.
In 2004, Red 7 was presented to the public.

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Comes with the nose cone of a hypnotherapist.


I would love to have a 109 in game. Would prefer the F-4 but the G-4 could work fine.

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This aircraft has had a hard history…

At least no pilots died while flying it.

Trop or a regular Bf 109F-4?

This plane has shot down my American bombers (PBY-5a, TBD, TBF-1c, B-25 J-1 Mitchell, B-17E) in War Thunder numerous times.

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It´ll keep happening unless you fly in a box formation.

Either works really

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