EAA Spirit of Aviation Week | July 21-25, 2020

Tuesday - 7/21/20


Are you registered for any forums? Do you plan on attending any livestreamed sessions?! Today begins Day 1 of the Spirit of Aviation Week Presented by EAA and this event has so much to offer!

If you aren’t enjoying the awesome events lined up on the schedule, what are you waiting for?

Todays Schedule:

Start Time End Time Session Presenter Register
1400Z 2100Z Garmin Virtual AirVenture Oshkosh Experience Garmin -
1700Z 1800Z Climb Performance & Factors That Affect Your Climb Aleks Udris, Colin Cutler [✓]
1700Z 1830Z How to Buy an Airplane Scott “Sky” Smith [✓]
1700Z 1800Z Sheet Metal Workshop EAA Homebuilders -
1700Z 1730Z Build and Fly Your Own SubSonex Jet John Corneal -
1700Z 1745Z The Lighter Side Mark Solper -
1700Z 1815Z All Electric Beaver First Flight Miguel Marmol [✓]
1730Z 1800Z The Flying Princess Laura Humphreys -
1745Z 1815Z ChartitAll Trevor - His Next Big Journey Trevor Simoneau -
1815Z 1845Z Flying Aerobatics - Behind The Visor Jim Bourke -
1815Z 1900Z A Life Restoring Vintage Airplanes Jim Wilson -
1815Z 1830Z NOAA Twin Otter NOAA -
1830Z 1930Z VFR to IMC The FAA(?) [✓]
1830Z 2000Z 25th Anniversary of the RV-8 Richard (Van) VanGrunsven, Greg Hughes [✓]
1830Z 2000Z NASA James Webb Space Telescope Dr Stefanie Milam [✓]
1845Z 1915Z Greatest Show In The Air - Airshow Highlights EAA -
1900Z 1945Z AirCorps Warbird Restoration Erik Hokuf, Eric Trueblood -
1915Z 2000Z Student Pilot to Professional Pilot Swayne Martin -
1930Z 2000Z Timeless Voices - Doolittle Raiders-Dick Cole Richard E. Cole -
1945Z 2000Z Boeing - Safe, Clean, and Efficient Air Mobility Jon Damush -
2000Z 2100Z Briefing & Flying an Instrument Approach Aleks Udris, Colin Cutler [✓]
2000Z 2130Z The WASP of WWII Katherine Landdeck [✓]
2000Z 2130Z Dynon Avionics Michael Schofield [✓]
2000Z 2100Z Wood Workshop EAA Homebuilders -
2015Z 2045Z AirRacer - Learning To Fly Emmy Dillon -
2045Z 2130Z Commanding the Blue Angles Captain Eric Doyle -
2115Z 2145Z The Stealth Revealed- Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk EAA -
2115Z 2215Z Lope’s Hope - Warbirds In Review Aircorps Aviation -
2130Z 2230Z Distracted Pilot Tom Letts [✓]
2130Z 2200Z Commanding the F-35 Demo Team Kristin “BEO” Wolfe -
2130Z 2300Z Avoiding A Base-Final Spin Accident Gordon Penner [✓]
2130Z 2300Z Lithium Batteries - Explained Reg Nicoson [✓]
2145Z 2215Z Timeless Voices - Doolittle Raiders-Thomas Griffin Tom Griffin -
2200Z 2315Z Speaker Series - Steven Hinton on Air Racing EAA -
2215Z 2300Z Performer Profile - Kyle Franklin Kyle Franklin -
2215Z 2300Z EAA Founder Paul Poberezny - 1953 EAA -
2300Z 0000Z ATC and Pilot Communications Richard Kennington, Bob Obma [✓]
2300Z 2345Z Flying the U-2 - Photography Ross Franquemont -
2300Z 0030Z Dick Rutan’s Incredible Career Dick Rutan [✓]
2300Z 0030Z Post Maintenance Checklist Mike Busch [✓]
2315Z 0015Z Douglas A-1H and AD-1 Skyraiders - Warbirds In Review EAA -
0000Z 0100Z United States Air Force Demo Teams United States Air Force Teams (F-22, F-35, A-10, F-16) -

Currently I am in the How to Buy an Airplane session and it’s quite professional and currently 700+ aviation enthusiasts are tuning in as well! Come join!