EAA Spirit of Aviation Week | July 21-25, 2020

Wednesday - 7/22/20


Day 1 was a HUGE success! Today is Day 2 of the Spirit of Aviation Week Presented by EAA and this event has so much to offer still!

Come sign up for a bunch of the awesome webinars lined up for today!

Todays Schedule:

Start Time End Time Session Presenter Register
1330Z 1430Z EAA Annual Membership Meeting EAA -
1400Z 2100Z Garmin Virtual AirVenture Oshkosh Experience Garmin -
1700Z 1800Z Composite Workshop EAA Homebuilders -
1700Z 1800Z Common Landing Errors, And How To Fix Them Aleks Udris, Colin Cutler [✓]
1700Z 1800Z Cubbin’ and Learning to Fly Jesse Clement -
1700Z 1730Z Living the Cirrus Life Sarah Talucci -
1700Z 1830Z Stinson Company - Best Value In Aviation Bret Chilcott, Jody Jones [✓]
1700Z 1830Z Sonex Company Update Sonex Aircraft LLC [✓]
1715Z 1800Z An Unconventional Life - Lisa Turner Lisa Turner -
1745Z 1815Z Helicopter Aerobatics Aaron Fitzgerald -
1800Z 1830Z From the B-17 to the B777 Lorraine Morris -
1800Z 1815Z EAA Founder Paul Poberezny - 1953 EAA -
1815Z 1830Z Learning to Fly with Your Bestie Anna Hornick, Kayla Hesano -
1830Z 2000Z iPad Proficiency Check John Zimmerman [✓]
1830Z 1930Z Preparing for the Unexpected - Do The RIGHT Thing Doug Stewart [✓]
1830Z 2000Z 1st Woman Airplane Designer Kirsten Larson [✓]
1830Z 1900Z Timeless Voices - Bob Hoover EAA -
1830Z 1900Z Schmiiindys Story Mindy Lindheim -
1900Z 2000Z Speaking Series - Patty Wagstaff on Aerobatics EAA -
1900Z 1945Z Quicksilver: Flying Airshows In The Mustang Scott Yoak -
1945Z 2030Z Learning to Fly - Adventures with SuperAero Ryan Dembroski -
2000Z 2100Z Loss of Control Tom Letts [✓]
2000Z 2100Z Competition Aerobatics Susan Bell [✓]
2000Z 2130Z Flying the F-117 Stealth Fighter William O’Connor [✓]
2000Z 2100Z Fabric Covering Workshop EAA Homebuilders -
2030Z 2100Z Catch Up with Kermit Weeks Kermit Weeks -
2100Z 2215Z Warbirds in Review: P-51 Mustangs/Bud Anderson EAA -
2100Z 2200Z LIVE with Mike Patey Mike Patey -
2115Z 2200Z Flying Aerobatics Norm DeWitt -
2130Z 2300Z To TBO and Beyond… Mike Busch [✓]
2130Z 2300Z Powered Paragliding 101 Jeffrey Steinkamp [✓]
2130Z 2230Z How to Fly a Forward Slip Into Landing Aleks Udris, Colin Cutler [✓]
2200Z 2230Z An Update From NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine -
2215Z 2245Z Why Buy Planes When You Can Build Them Christine Russell -
2215Z 2245Z Timeless Voices - Carl Unger EAA -
2230Z 2300Z Powered Paragliding to Fixed Wing Flying Wes Vasher -
2245Z 2345Z Up Close and Personal with Aluminum Overcast EAA -
2300Z 0030Z Apollo 13 - A Depp Dive William Barry [✓]
2300Z 0030Z 7 Deadly Sins of Airplane Designs Barnaby Wainfan [✓]
2300Z 0000Z LIVE with Angle of Attack, Finer Points, and Aviation 101 Films Chris Palmer, Jason Miller, Josh Flowers -
2300Z 0000Z ATC and You: Don’t Let that Cloud Fool You Bob Obma, Evan Munro [✓]
2345Z 0015Z Timeless Voices - Robin Olds EAA -
0000Z 0100Z Powerful Female Pilots Jeannie Leavitt, Anne McClain, MaryAnn Schaffer, Susan Johnson -