EAA Spirit of Aviation Week | July 21-25, 2020

EAA Spirit of Aviation Week

July 21st - July 25th, 2020

EAA AirVenture is the world’s largest aviation celebration! Every summer, thousands descend upon Oshkosh, Wisconsin for a week of seminars, presentations, expensive shopping and to share memories of the spectacle that occurs every summer! For many, it is an event that people revolve their entire year around! Due to the active COVID-19 pandemic, EAA AirVenture 2020 is going to be a virtual event! While it may not be the same, this event makes it possible for every person from all around the world to experience a bit of what makes “OSH - AirVenture” so special!

In place of AirVenture, EAA is hosting “Spirit of Aviation Week” from July 21-25, 2020. The online event will feature a collection of almost 200 seminars, presentations and discussions covering every aspect of aviation (military aviation, instrument flying, flight training, ownership, homebuliding, commercial aviation, and even Air Traffic Controlling). The streaming content will be a mix of live events and prerecorded seminars from previous AirVentures! Either way, this event is sure to bring together the aviation community for the week!


Spirit of Aviation Week Schedule

Tuesday | 7/21/20 |

Successful Day 1: Post 5
EAA Spirit of Aviation Week | July 21-25, 2020 - #6 by Balloonchaser

Wednesday | 7/22/20 |

Successful Day 2: Post 15

EAA Spirit of Aviation Week | July 21-25, 2020 - #16 by Balloonchaser

Thursday | 7/23/20 |

Friday | 7/24/20 |

Saturday | 7/25/20 |
Start Time End Time Session Presenter Register
1400Z 2100Z Garmin Virtual AirVenture Oshkosh Experience Garmin -
1700Z 1830Z A Taste of Homebuilding Through an A&P/IA Supervised Autopilot Install Michael Jones [✓]
1700Z 1830Z B-17: The Final Mission Chris Henry [✓]
1700Z 1745Z Building StarHawk: a NASA-inspired Lancair Legacy Allyson and Valin Thorn -
1700Z 1800Z The Way We Teach Stalls and Spins Doug Stewart [✓]
1700Z 1800Z Welding Workshop EAA Homebuilders -
1730Z 1800Z EAA Oshkosh Through the Years – Best of the Air Show EAA -
1745Z 1815Z Timeless Voices: Paul Tibbets EAA -
1800Z 1900Z Common Landing Errors, And How To Fix Them Aleks Udris, Colin Cutler -
1815Z 1845Z Performer Profile: Matt Younkin Matt Younkin -
1815Z 1830Z NOAA King Air NOAA -
1830Z 2000Z The 60 Seconds to a Perfect Landing Keith West [✓]
1830Z 1930Z Fun Facts about the FAR’s Tom Letts [✓]
1830Z 2000Z Build Your Own Super Cub Charlie Becker, John Egan, Bill Rusk [✓]
1845Z 1900Z Boeing in Space: On the Road to the Moon and Mars Boeing Engineers -
1900Z 1930Z The Future of Aeronautics: NASA ARMD Research Bob Pearce -
1900Z 2000Z Fun and Affordable Flying Panel Ray Johnson, Lynn Dawson, John Hofmann, Jacob Palmer -
1930Z 2000Z Warbird Walkaround Steve Hinton -
1930Z 2000Z Chat with EAA Member Mark Baker -
1945Z 2030Z The U.S.A.F. Heritage Flight - Honoring our Heroes EAA -
2000Z 2130Z What’s the Real Cost of Owning? Scott “Sky” Smith [✓]
2000Z 2130Z Spy Pilot Gary Powers Jr. [✓]
2000Z 2100Z Departure Alphabet Soup Karen Kalishek [✓]
2000Z 2100Z Sheet Metal Workshop EAA Homebuilders -
2030Z 2130Z Warbirds in Review: Corsair EAA -
2100Z 2200Z Bob Hoover – “Forever Flying” EAA -
2100Z 2130Z Timeless Voices: Ray Stits EAA -
2115Z 2215Z Warbirds in Review: Hellcat and Bearcat EAA -
2130Z 2300Z Aviation Photography: Tips & Tricks Deon Mitton [✓]
2130Z 2230Z Distractions in the Cockpit in Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) Amy Laboda [✓]
2130Z 2200Z Maintaining the EAA Ford Tri-Motors EAA -
2130Z 2300Z STOL & Backcountry Flying Safety Milne “CC” Pocock [✓]
2145Z 2245Z Warbirds in Review: Corsair EAA -
2300Z 0030Z Breakdowns Away from Home Mike Busch [✓]
2300Z 0030Z Airline Pilot Job Market Recovery - 2020 and Beyond Captain Kit Darby III [✓]
2300Z 0000Z ATC and You: Don’t Let that Airport Mislead You Richard Kennington, Bridget Singratanakul [✓]

How It’ll Work

Forums/Streamed Sessions

While we can’t gather in person for the great forum sessions this year… EAA has brought the next best thing; Virtual Sessions!

These sessions are split up into 3 categories:

  • Live-streamed webinars
  • Face-to-Face/Voice forums
  • Pre-Recorded sessions from prior years

For the live-streamed webinars, no login will be required and you will be able to watch most of these via YouTube Live or via one of the 3 ‘Live Stream’ Servers (each session has its own livestream server for a timeslot)

For the Face-to-Face (or voice) forum sessions, a registration will be required and a meeting ID will be emailed to you in order for you to join the forum.

For the pre-recorded sessions will also be on YouTube or shown on one of the 3 ‘Live Stream’ Servers. No log in will be required and these sessions will be pre recorded from a few days ago all the way back to the origin of EAA AirVenture!

Prior EAA Webinars That Might Be of Interest

EAA has had many amazing webinars/forums over the years and some of these might even benefit you! With all of this extra time during COVID-19, go check these out!


AirVenture Virtual Expo + EAA Shop

Virtual Expo:
Exhibitors (Including Infinite Flight) are still present for this event! Feel free to checkout the full exhibitor list and find a product that you like and think about purchasing for the future!

See Here:


EAA Shop:
Although AirVenture may be cancelled in person this year… Support EAA by purchasing some merchandise! For amazing prices, you can get shirts, mugs, hats, sweatshirts, blankets, posters, and even MASKS! Overall, the deals are hard to beat and it’s for a great cause!

See Here:


Tuesday begins the start of AirVenture Virtual - Spirit of Aviation Week! I hope to see a bunch of you guys at the sessions and I hope that everyone learns something and has a good time whilst learning about aviation!

Despite the change with AirVenture this year, what are you most excited about?

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This is extremely cool @Balloonchaser. It is a pity, of course, that the EAA AirVenture cannot take place normally this year. But I think it’s a good solution to let it take place anyway. In addition, health comes first! Stay healthy :)


100%! So glad they were able to put on a virtual version! Hopefully next year we can be back together

Yes I hope so too! This is simply a big highlight of the year!

Tuesday - 7/21/20


Are you registered for any forums? Do you plan on attending any livestreamed sessions?! Today begins Day 1 of the Spirit of Aviation Week Presented by EAA and this event has so much to offer!

If you aren’t enjoying the awesome events lined up on the schedule, what are you waiting for?

Todays Schedule:

Start Time End Time Session Presenter Register
1400Z 2100Z Garmin Virtual AirVenture Oshkosh Experience Garmin -
1700Z 1800Z Climb Performance & Factors That Affect Your Climb Aleks Udris, Colin Cutler [✓]
1700Z 1830Z How to Buy an Airplane Scott “Sky” Smith [✓]
1700Z 1800Z Sheet Metal Workshop EAA Homebuilders -
1700Z 1730Z Build and Fly Your Own SubSonex Jet John Corneal -
1700Z 1745Z The Lighter Side Mark Solper -
1700Z 1815Z All Electric Beaver First Flight Miguel Marmol [✓]
1730Z 1800Z The Flying Princess Laura Humphreys -
1745Z 1815Z ChartitAll Trevor - His Next Big Journey Trevor Simoneau -
1815Z 1845Z Flying Aerobatics - Behind The Visor Jim Bourke -
1815Z 1900Z A Life Restoring Vintage Airplanes Jim Wilson -
1815Z 1830Z NOAA Twin Otter NOAA -
1830Z 1930Z VFR to IMC The FAA(?) [✓]
1830Z 2000Z 25th Anniversary of the RV-8 Richard (Van) VanGrunsven, Greg Hughes [✓]
1830Z 2000Z NASA James Webb Space Telescope Dr Stefanie Milam [✓]
1845Z 1915Z Greatest Show In The Air - Airshow Highlights EAA -
1900Z 1945Z AirCorps Warbird Restoration Erik Hokuf, Eric Trueblood -
1915Z 2000Z Student Pilot to Professional Pilot Swayne Martin -
1930Z 2000Z Timeless Voices - Doolittle Raiders-Dick Cole Richard E. Cole -
1945Z 2000Z Boeing - Safe, Clean, and Efficient Air Mobility Jon Damush -
2000Z 2100Z Briefing & Flying an Instrument Approach Aleks Udris, Colin Cutler [✓]
2000Z 2130Z The WASP of WWII Katherine Landdeck [✓]
2000Z 2130Z Dynon Avionics Michael Schofield [✓]
2000Z 2100Z Wood Workshop EAA Homebuilders -
2015Z 2045Z AirRacer - Learning To Fly Emmy Dillon -
2045Z 2130Z Commanding the Blue Angles Captain Eric Doyle -
2115Z 2145Z The Stealth Revealed- Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk EAA -
2115Z 2215Z Lope’s Hope - Warbirds In Review Aircorps Aviation -
2130Z 2230Z Distracted Pilot Tom Letts [✓]
2130Z 2200Z Commanding the F-35 Demo Team Kristin “BEO” Wolfe -
2130Z 2300Z Avoiding A Base-Final Spin Accident Gordon Penner [✓]
2130Z 2300Z Lithium Batteries - Explained Reg Nicoson [✓]
2145Z 2215Z Timeless Voices - Doolittle Raiders-Thomas Griffin Tom Griffin -
2200Z 2315Z Speaker Series - Steven Hinton on Air Racing EAA -
2215Z 2300Z Performer Profile - Kyle Franklin Kyle Franklin -
2215Z 2300Z EAA Founder Paul Poberezny - 1953 EAA -
2300Z 0000Z ATC and Pilot Communications Richard Kennington, Bob Obma [✓]
2300Z 2345Z Flying the U-2 - Photography Ross Franquemont -
2300Z 0030Z Dick Rutan’s Incredible Career Dick Rutan [✓]
2300Z 0030Z Post Maintenance Checklist Mike Busch [✓]
2315Z 0015Z Douglas A-1H and AD-1 Skyraiders - Warbirds In Review EAA -
0000Z 0100Z United States Air Force Demo Teams United States Air Force Teams (F-22, F-35, A-10, F-16) -

Currently I am in the How to Buy an Airplane session and it’s quite professional and currently 700+ aviation enthusiasts are tuning in as well! Come join!


Pretty big event! Can’t wait to see what it has instore for us :)


Highly impressed with the Briefing and Flying an Instrument Approach that is occurring right now. The presenters (Aleks Udris, Colin Cutler) are really professional and have lots of knowledge on this topic!

I’ll certainly be doing self-briefings the way that they presented it the next time that I fly in order to better myself in Infinite Flight as well as the future of my aviation career/hobby!

Been a really fun and productive day for me in terms of listening to webinars and interacting with the aviation community! I’ve attended 3 webinars so far and each and every single one was amazing and really made me think! If you haven’t attended a session yet, what are you waiting for?!

@Balloonchaser you are doing a great job with the thread! Thank you for trying so hard. This makes it easier to endure that the EAA AirVenture can only take place digitally :)


This is awesome!!!

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To all of our ATC and student pilot friends out there, an amazing seminar is occurring right now! ATC and You: Communicating with Confidence and Clarity by Richard Kennington, and Bob Obma is all about pilots learning what they need to know to fly safely and efficiently in controlled airspace! Come tune in!

Following this awesome session, The USAF Demo Team composed of Maj John ‘RAIN’ Waters and Maj Garret ‘TORO’ Schmitz of the F-16 Viper Demo Team; Maj Joshua ‘CABO’ Gunderson of the F-22 Demo Team; Maj Cody ‘ShIV’ Wilton of the A-10 Demo Team; and Capt Kristin ‘BEO’ Wolfe of the F-35 Demo Team will be speaking on all of the aspects of the demo team and the amazing displays that they put on during both the airshow season and the off season training! This can be watched on EAA - Spirit of Aviations Youtube page or on Live-stream server 1 on the Spirit of Aviation website starting at 0000Z

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If I have time I may attend! Great job with the thread @Balloonchaser

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Wow. Thanks so much Balloonchaser! As someone that lives in Oshkosh it’s hard not seeing the city bustling with airplanes, RV’s, people, and much more. There is an eerie silence over Oshkosh.

That being said these webinars have been awesome and extremely informational if you have the time I highly suggest registering for some.

I’ve listened once before to Bob Obma before in his outstanding ATC and Your presentation, very interesting, informative, and well-spoken!

Want to experience more of AirVenture? - Watch some old YouTube Videos, flying in/out of KOSH, join community events surrounding AirVenture. The possibilities are endless. I hope to see all of you at Osh21!

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Our United States Air Force Demo Teams are live! Come tune in and maybe you’ll learn something!

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Yes I’ll see you at Oshkosh AirVenture 2021! :)

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Wednesday - 7/22/20


Day 1 was a HUGE success! Today is Day 2 of the Spirit of Aviation Week Presented by EAA and this event has so much to offer still!

Come sign up for a bunch of the awesome webinars lined up for today!

Todays Schedule:

Start Time End Time Session Presenter Register
1330Z 1430Z EAA Annual Membership Meeting EAA -
1400Z 2100Z Garmin Virtual AirVenture Oshkosh Experience Garmin -
1700Z 1800Z Composite Workshop EAA Homebuilders -
1700Z 1800Z Common Landing Errors, And How To Fix Them Aleks Udris, Colin Cutler [✓]
1700Z 1800Z Cubbin’ and Learning to Fly Jesse Clement -
1700Z 1730Z Living the Cirrus Life Sarah Talucci -
1700Z 1830Z Stinson Company - Best Value In Aviation Bret Chilcott, Jody Jones [✓]
1700Z 1830Z Sonex Company Update Sonex Aircraft LLC [✓]
1715Z 1800Z An Unconventional Life - Lisa Turner Lisa Turner -
1745Z 1815Z Helicopter Aerobatics Aaron Fitzgerald -
1800Z 1830Z From the B-17 to the B777 Lorraine Morris -
1800Z 1815Z EAA Founder Paul Poberezny - 1953 EAA -
1815Z 1830Z Learning to Fly with Your Bestie Anna Hornick, Kayla Hesano -
1830Z 2000Z iPad Proficiency Check John Zimmerman [✓]
1830Z 1930Z Preparing for the Unexpected - Do The RIGHT Thing Doug Stewart [✓]
1830Z 2000Z 1st Woman Airplane Designer Kirsten Larson [✓]
1830Z 1900Z Timeless Voices - Bob Hoover EAA -
1830Z 1900Z Schmiiindys Story Mindy Lindheim -
1900Z 2000Z Speaking Series - Patty Wagstaff on Aerobatics EAA -
1900Z 1945Z Quicksilver: Flying Airshows In The Mustang Scott Yoak -
1945Z 2030Z Learning to Fly - Adventures with SuperAero Ryan Dembroski -
2000Z 2100Z Loss of Control Tom Letts [✓]
2000Z 2100Z Competition Aerobatics Susan Bell [✓]
2000Z 2130Z Flying the F-117 Stealth Fighter William O’Connor [✓]
2000Z 2100Z Fabric Covering Workshop EAA Homebuilders -
2030Z 2100Z Catch Up with Kermit Weeks Kermit Weeks -
2100Z 2215Z Warbirds in Review: P-51 Mustangs/Bud Anderson EAA -
2100Z 2200Z LIVE with Mike Patey Mike Patey -
2115Z 2200Z Flying Aerobatics Norm DeWitt -
2130Z 2300Z To TBO and Beyond… Mike Busch [✓]
2130Z 2300Z Powered Paragliding 101 Jeffrey Steinkamp [✓]
2130Z 2230Z How to Fly a Forward Slip Into Landing Aleks Udris, Colin Cutler [✓]
2200Z 2230Z An Update From NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine -
2215Z 2245Z Why Buy Planes When You Can Build Them Christine Russell -
2215Z 2245Z Timeless Voices - Carl Unger EAA -
2230Z 2300Z Powered Paragliding to Fixed Wing Flying Wes Vasher -
2245Z 2345Z Up Close and Personal with Aluminum Overcast EAA -
2300Z 0030Z Apollo 13 - A Depp Dive William Barry [✓]
2300Z 0030Z 7 Deadly Sins of Airplane Designs Barnaby Wainfan [✓]
2300Z 0000Z LIVE with Angle of Attack, Finer Points, and Aviation 101 Films Chris Palmer, Jason Miller, Josh Flowers -
2300Z 0000Z ATC and You: Don’t Let that Cloud Fool You Bob Obma, Evan Munro [✓]
2345Z 0015Z Timeless Voices - Robin Olds EAA -
0000Z 0100Z Powerful Female Pilots Jeannie Leavitt, Anne McClain, MaryAnn Schaffer, Susan Johnson -

Looks absolutely awesome!

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Oh wow this is cool. Lovely work, Balloon!


Wow, great thread @Balloonchaser! I have been watching a few of these seminars/fourms throughout the day when I have time! Also looking forward to the simventure in a few days, and maybe trying out the Fisk approach some point this week in IF! Loving all the hard work you’re putting into the daily updates! I can’t wait for tomorrow!


Another excellent day here at Osh20! (or the equivalent anyways) A lot of great speakers and webinars so far!



The Featured Webinar for the day is occurring! Tune into the Powerful Female Pilots webinar with
Jeannie Leavitt,
Anne McClain, MaryAnn Schaffer, Susan Johnson! These woman are quite amazing and it’s so great to hear their stories!